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this way, gentlemen

The Touch-Sensitive Clitoris

The embryonic cells that become the head of the penis (glans) in men become the clitoris in women. As a result, touching the clitoris feels like touching the glans, except for one thing.

The clitoris and the glans each contain some 7,000 sensory nerve endings, a greater concentration of touch-sensitive nerves than any other part of the body.

But the clitoris packs them into a volume only about one-tenth the size of the glans, so touch for touch, this concentration of nerves makes the clitoris more sensitive than the glans.

This super-sensitivity is the reason why, unless the woman requests otherwise, the clitoris should be caressed very gently. In porn, the men sometimes rub the clit the way you rub sticks to ignite a fire.

That’s too rough. Many women feel discomfort—even pain—when men are not very gentle with the clitoris. Even when fondled gently, direct pressure on the little bump with a finger, lips, tongue, penis, or sex toy may be hard to take.

There is nothing wrong with women who feel this way. If a woman has a super-sensitive clitoris, a lover should not fondle it directly, but around it.

Fucking Her Gently

fucking her slowly

Feel Her Buttocks

a perfect pair of buttocks

Rough Motel Sex


Kitchen Sex

kitchen sex

Fucking Trigger


On Being Jealous

Sexual jealousy is a special form of jealousy in sexual relationships,
present in animals that reproduce through internal fertilization.
It’s based on suspected or imminent sexual infidelity.

It is founded on the instinct of keeping genes in the gene pool
and expecting sexual partners to care for the offspring.

Panic Pop. Be Jealous from Jeremy White on Vimeo.

Tasty Morsel [tit-bit]

sex itch

The Sex Itch

Call it the sex itch. It’s often
something in-a-rut couples experience.

It’s can be a big problem. It’s
the desire to shag someone you
always wished you had, but never did.

An itch for someone you were bitten by long before
you settled down. Someone who’s never really gone
away, and – like an old wound – can suddenly return.

And when it does, when you’re hit with the
sex itch, should you scratch it?

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