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All Sexed Up

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When I was a 27-year-old bond trader at Bank of America, I went to dinner with a managing director and a high-profile client, both men, at a Brazilian all-you-can-eat meat restaurant in Manhattan.

The waitress came by to see if we wanted another round of drinks. When she was out of earshot, the client said, “I’d like to bend her over the table, give her some meat.”

They laughed. I forced a smile. On the way home, I fumed. I was troubled by the comment, and disgusted by the man who said it. But I was angry with myself. Why hadn’t I said anything?

For my entire life, I’ve heard men talk about women. On baseball fields, in wrestling locker rooms, at frat parties and in private conversations, I’ve listened to men dissect women into body parts.

When I was younger, I did it, too. Casually objectifying women — speaking in an unguarded way, using language we never would in mixed company — was the casual process of male bonding.

Is She Faking It?

There are several reasons women have for faking orgasm.

The list includes trying to protect their partner’s feelings, to end
sex, to avoid experiencing negative emotions around their sexuality
or sexual functioning, and to increase their own arousal.

The first two reasons are obvious. These are the motives which are
commonly accepted and the subject matter of countless sex-advice columns.

The last two need to be explored. Why do some women fake orgasm as a method
of avoidance while others fake it to make their sex lives more fun?

Around 70% of women have faked an orgasm at some point in their life.
The 30% who haven’t are still virgins.

The reality is that sometimes we don’t know the surname of some of the people
we end up in bed with, let alone waste good quality shagging time by sitting
them down for a guided tour of the clitoris.