Ravish & Devour Sexy Girls

Bad-Ass Girls

Raven Girls

Why Are Dark-Haired Girls
Always The “Bad” Ones?

What’s with the zeitgeist demonization of raven women?
Everyone assumes us dark-haired bitches are either waiting
for a guy to drape his coat over a sidewalk puddle or
stabbing a 4th grade playmate with a pair of kitchen scissors.

Various types of black hair can be described
as soft-black, raven black, or jet-black.

The range of skin colors associated with black hair is vast,
ranging from the palest of light skin tones to dark skin.
Black-haired people can have dark or light eyes.

Raven Beauty Paris from Fabrice Bracq on Vimeo.

Punk Sex

Many of those involved in the 1970s
punk scene didn’t see their movement
as a sexual one — that had been for the hippies.

The earlier generation rebelled by embracing free love.
Punk rebelled by embracing something darker.

There was a real separation from normative culture,
and sexuality was a way to create the space that
was inaccessible to an older generation.

Sexual relationships [in the punk scene] were more
geared toward BDSM relationships, more aggressive.

More interaction with violence and with risk-taking
than the generation before. It was a real revolt against that.

A surprising number of people from the the punk
scene, both male and female, engaged in sex work.

There was not a wide acceptance of alternative hairstyles,
of having tattoos, and there wasn’t a lot of money in being in a band.

Even if you were signed to a record label, unless you
were the Sex Pistols, there wasn’t a lot of money in it.

So people of all genders experimented with sex work as a
way to make money and not have to adapt to normal society.

There was a real crossover of art and sex industry.
Sex work isn’t something that’s usually covered in
punk histories, Artists and musicians weren’t forced
into sex work. Rather, it was another medium for expression.

Sex work isn’t something that you do because your desperate.
If your record didn’t work out you turned porn.

In the punk era, rebellious kids hung out in second-hand
clothing stores with underground pop blaring out.

It was where you’d find people to start a band with.
Not everyone could afford the clothing, but it was
a place where you could meet. It was like a community centre.

“Don’t act like you forgot / I call the shots, shots, shots / Like bra, bra, bra / Pay me what you owe me, don’t act like you forgot.”

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Rihanna | Bitch Better Have My Money from Filmmaster Productions on Vimeo.