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Bad Bitch Syndrome

This track by Ariana Grande makes me feel like That Bitch™.
The song radiates such strong bad bitch energy, and I have
to commend Ariana for re-introducing this flirtatious
attitude reminiscent of her “Dangerous Woman” persona.

Because of the song’s theme, it definitely makes me feel
like I’m doing something I’m not supposed to, which
is kind of hot, in a sense.

Particularly, I think the song’s slow, yet sexy tempo
— which brings it away from Ariana’s typical pop-sound
to a more R&B-sound — reinforce the sultriness of it.

In Her Prime

Dazia Moore from Dazia Moore on Vimeo.

Bad Bitch

Popular black culture is a rebellion against middle-
class values, conformity and political correctness.

A bad bitch is a strong, sexualised,
self-reliant and materialistic woman.

Ariana Grande Does Porn

In hip hop culture, the term bitch signifies
a hardcore woman who makes money and proudly
flaunts her sexual libido and sexuality.
Someone who holds her own with rap’s gangsta thugs

Bad Bitch from Dazia Moore on Vimeo.

I Love Bad Bitches

The provocative stance of the gangsta rapper
is that of an outsider and a rebel, someone
who deliberately violates rules of social
decorum and suburban conformity.

The crass celebration of material wealth, misogyny and
violence in gangsta rap is in some ways just the latest
manifestation of generational rebellion against middle-
class values, mainstream society and political correctness.

The story of rap is one of rebellion, attempts
at censorship and, finally, artistic acceptance.

Kendrick Lamar’s Pulitzer win represents rap’s
ascension into the exclusive realm of highbrow art.

Like jazz and classical music, hip-hop has
been deemed worthy by the bougie powers that be.

Proof that the same upscale elites who still
struggle to accept Black people have managed
to accept a new age of Black music.

But the fact that Lamar’s music has risen to
the upper echelon of American culture doesn’t
mean the rest of hip-hop is going to be
welcomed alongside him.

GOT DAMN I GOT BITCHES – HJMS / KENDRICK from Hawn August on Vimeo.

The celebs were just horny as fuck, really
into over-sharing their sex lives.

We learned more about dick sizes,
bedroom habits, and even bathroom
stuff none of us wanted to know.

‘Socially conscious hip-hop’ or whatever
you call it, is a lot easier for upper-crust
tastemakers to digest than its alternatives.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve got nothing against ‘caring’ rap.
But what about the rest of the genre? What about rap
that focuses on drugs and butts. That’s crazy best!
It speaks to and of the people it represents.

Money and Bitches from on Vimeo.

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