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Summer Fucking on the Beach

Be prepared: You’ll need a towel or blanket to avoid
the dreaded sand-crotch syndrome; a backup towel
for emergency clean-ups or “Hey, what are you guys
doing down there?” moments

A plastic bag for your used condom (leave no trace,
please); a bottle of water for washing off sand.

Having the waves lap at your
toes may sound sexy, but the closer
you are to the water, the more
exposed you’ll be.

Sex on the beach requires a little groundwork.
Look for a semi-private spot near a dune or
large rock; a little cove would be ideal.

You might also want to consider clearing away
any litter, sharp shells, or driftwood that
could wreak havoc later on. And don’t forget
to check the tide report — there’s nothing
like a wild wave (or fatal undertow) to
dampen your night of passion.

Get in and get out

Hopefully the thrill of being in public will help
you both reach climax quickly. If the sand is fine
or hard-packed, missionary or side-to-side are
good choices.

If the sand’s uneven or sinking, you might have to
be creative (maybe have him sit on a cooler while
you ride on top). Doggy-style works on most surfaces
but is tougher to play off if you’re caught.

Fuck Me Outdoors

Public sex is sexual activity that takes
place in a public context. It refers to one or more
persons performing a sex act in a public place, or in a
private place which can be viewed from a public place.

Such a private place may be a back yard or a bedroom with
the curtains open. Public sex also includes sexual acts
in semi-public places where the general public is free to
enter, such as shopping malls.

Public sex acts can be performed in cars (colloquially
called “parking”), on beaches, in forests, theatres,
buses, streets, toilet cubicles, or cemeteries.

What’s It All About?

For me it’s all about the spontaneity.
I get off on it. When you’re having sex in a regular
bedroom setting, sex feels so premeditated and formulaic.

When I’m outdoors, I care less about what I look like.
I don’t have so many body hang-ups, and I lose my inhibitions.

I feel freer and less constrained by ideas of what I look like
or whether I’ve waxed, or anything like that.

Even if I don’t always come or have the best
technical sex outside, these moments count
as highlights of my sexual experiences.
I really feel I’ve had fun and let go.

Up on the Roof from Snow Leopard on Vimeo.

Animals do it all the time. From what I can tell about cavemen,
they probably didn’t mind a romp in the woods either.
If it’s good enough for them, it must be natural.

Fucking Picnic powered by YouPorn.

Nature Girl from Katlyn Hubner on Vimeo.

Bathtub Sex

If you like fucking and water
play, this move’s the one for you.

Get in a bathtub filled
with water, and kneel.

Have someone penetrate you from behind
(with a penis or sex toy). As they thrust,
feel the water rush between your legs.

Tickle My Fancy

Shower sex is perfect for the summer. With the
heat, you’ll be taking one multiple times a day.

You can have shower sex the same way you would
any other standing sex, with one of you propped
up against the wall (or whatever works for you).

If there’s a ledge, you can also have you or
your partner seated while the other gives
oral sex. So many options!

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