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Best Sex in the Bathroom

Try something different

Spice up your sex life by stretching your boundaries as a couple. Touch each other in new ways. Try out different sex positions to see which ones feel best.

Move from the bed to the floor, the bathroom, or the kitchen counter. Watch a dirty movie together. Bring sex toys like a vibrator, anal beads, or feathers into the mix.

Sex in the bath is a common fantasy. But when it comes
down to the logistics of actually getting it on in that
confined space, it’s easy to get scared off and default
back to your bed.

Don’t let worries of slipping, sliding, and getting bath
water all over the floor keep you from a sexy new experience.

Bathtub sex is actually less dangerous than shower sex
because sitting or lying in the tub means way fewer
opportunities to slip and fall.

Here’s how it goes.The partner who has a penis
or a strap-on lies face up in the tub while
the partner who’s being penetrated rides them,
turned around, facing their feet.

The partner on top uses the sides of bathtub
to hold stable with their back arched and butt
held up, while the partner on bottom thrusts.

The woman accuses him of forcing her
to perform oral sex in a bathroom.

He insists that at no point did the so-called victim
pull away or give any indication she was being
coerced into performing the sex act on him.

We didn’t bother with dull pleasantries,
abandoning our seats within seconds
so we could go at it in the bathroom.

It was a quickie, but a ravenous one.
I ripped her shirt open and buried my
face in her chest as she massaged my hard
dick and then I fucked her standing up.

We came simultaneously. It was
the best sex I’ve had in years.

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Bathroom Fuck

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Bathroom Kink

I’d just dumped my boyfriend. A cute nameless guy
was buying me drinks at the First Ward, which has
since been shut down (hopefully unrelated to my
bathroom shenanigans).

There’s a back hallway next to the bathrooms
where they take the trash out (wow, I’m feeling
so classy reliving this).

I pulled him back there to make out. I ended up going
down on him, until one of the busboys caught us,
at which point we thought it would be more courteous
to move to the handicap bathroom.

Luckily there was one of those NYC Condom bowls on
the wall outside so we grabbed a cherry flavored one,
and he fucked me over the sink.

When I straightened up and saw myself in the
mirror I was like, ‘Fuck I gotta get out of here.

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