Better Orgasms for Women

Play with yourself

“Oh God! I’m Coming!”

Every woman should use the following tips for better orgasms:

#1: Pillow

A correctly positioned pillow or a cushion can reveal pleasures of new sexual positions and spice up your favourite old positions. You can place it under the pelvis during the missionary position or between the legs when you’re on your side, meaning the spoons sexual position.

#2: Vibrator

The vibrator is the most commonly bought and used erotic accessory. You can use it for your private sexual pleasure or with your partner.

Women who use a vibrator are supposedly more content with their partners, have a higher libido and find it easier to have orgasms. If you’re a novice when it comes to buying a vibrator, you can start with a small one with a pleasant shape and pattern.

#3: Lubricant

Not only does lubricant enable easier sliding of an erotic accessory or the penis, but it also prolongs intercourse and makes many positions easier because the vagina won’t get dry in any case due to the use of lubricant.

You have to try quite a few types of lubricant to find the one that suits you. If you’re worried about allergies, the best choice would be the ones that are water-based, while silicon lubricants last longer.

You can also buy such products that make you tingle and give you a warm feeling. You can also buy organic and natural lubricants.

#4: Fun accessories

Whether we’re talking about casual accessories like feathers for tickling or whipped cream, or wilder accessories like handcuffs and a whip, fun accessories undoubtedly contribute to sexual arousal.

#5: Performing Kegel exercises

Kegel exercises really strengthen and tighten the vaginal muscles. The stronger the muscles, the more intense the orgasms will be. Exercising these muscles is very simple and it enhances blood flow and vaginal moisture, which leads to an enhanced sexual desire and greater arousal.

You can contract the muscles even during intercourse. This will give you and your partner more pleasure. The contractions also stimulate a hidden part of the clitoris. Kegel exercises are easily learned during urination.

#6. Most important of all

Masturbation ensures a healthy sex life, harmonious love relationships, and on top of it all, greater self-esteem.

The tremendous benefits of female orgasm are so numerous that I have ample reasons to share my own journey towards a healthy sex life, one with deep multiple orgasms achieved through self-love.

When I first started masturbating I was limited to clitoral orgasms. Which is one of the most superficial and short orgasms a women can experience. There is way more potential in our orgasmic power then we think.

"Erotic Pleasure" Feat. Debby Love By Loris Gonfiotti from Loris Gonfiotti Ph Videomaker on Vimeo.

I totally ignored other pleasure zones, like for example the G-spot. A magical spongy area at the inner vaginal entrance on top. It can produce deeper and longer-lasting orgasms with more depth and multiple potential.

You can experience squirting (ejaculation of liquid, not urine!) and other interesting sensations when stimulating your G-spot. I love my G-spot orgasms!

Another very powerful pleasure zone is the cervix. It’s truly a divine bliss spot. At the entrance of the uterus, very deep inside your vagina.

If you manage to massage your cervix with a non-vibrating dildo and start feeling pleasure you may unleash one of the most powerful orgasms a woman can experience.

Your body might start shaking, heat-rushes might occur, as well as trance-like intuitive states of mind. Even white light might be experienced. And the nice thing is, you won’t feel exhausted afterwards. You can do it again and again and again.

Sex Tips for Teens

Teenage Sexual Activity

Children as young as 13 are being advised that they can ignore the age of sexual consent by the British National Health Service [NHS] website. Good advice, according to Avant Porn, the campaign to lower the age of consent. Sex tips for teens should be readily available.

The service, which is partly funded by EU and publicised in schools, also offers tips on sexual intercourse. You can imagine how this has thrown conservatives into paroxysms of rage.

It advises that while sex under the age of 16 is illegal ‘you are the only one who knows when you are ready’.

Right-wing media say the service, which costs £56,000 and is inspired by Dutch sex education techniques, should be halted because it encourages sexual experimentation among children. What’s wrong with that?

The Respect Yourself website and smartphone app is the first service of its kind in the UK and has just been rolled out across 39 secondary schools.

The site contains sexually explicit images, diagrams of erogenous zones, a “sextionary” of explicit terms and advises that “there is very little stopping you accessing hardcore pornog from the comfort of your sofa.”

It also discusses prostitution, the effectiveness of the morning after pill and suggests how children can get hold of sex toys despite being under age.

The site’s experts suggest that young children might want to put off speaking to their parents about sex in case the subject upsets the parents.

In a question and answer section, counsellors commissioned by the NHS answer questions about sexual activity. Children as young as 13 are told masturbation will make them feel ‘de-stressed’ and have a stronger immune system.

Prostitution is described as ‘technically legal’ along with the explanation that ‘people have sex for many different reasons, prostitution is one of them’.

A gallery of images of male and female genitals is featured on the website and the users are encouraged to take a quiz that poses multiple-choice questions to assess whether they are ready to lose their virginity.

A few words in the sextionary include Amaurophilia – a fetish when someone gets turned on by blindfolding their partner, Axillism – sexual act where a man rubs his penis under his partner’s armpit.

Blue Waffles – a slang term for nasty looking genitals infected with a host of different sexually transmitted infections, Eproctolagnia – a fetish when you are turned on by people farting.

Gouch/Gooch – the sensitive spot also known as the perineum and Tribbing – sexual act where two women rub or grind their genitals against each other for mutual stimulation.

The First Time [Girl]

You’ve made your preparations, and today is the day! There are a few more things you can do that will make things better the first time:

Make sure you are fully aroused before any penetration. Ask your partner to start with manual and oral caresses. If he can get you all the way to an orgasm that way first, before insertion, you will be much more comfortable.

Even if you don’t quite make it, getting thoroughly aroused will relax your muscles and increase your natural lubrication.

If you have any doubts about being relaxed enough, ask your partner to lie on his back. Be sure you are well lubricated.

Kneel on either side of his waist and then ease yourself down onto him, using one hand to guide his penis into your vagina.

In this way, you can control the pace and give yourself time to relax those pesky muscles and let him in.

My First Time [Boy]

My first time we were both virgins and were next-door neighbors. She was 15 and I was 17. We discovered each other & began to do what most kids did in those days – dry-humping. The first time we did it I could hardly believe this girl was consenting to do it with me.

She really was beautiful and I considered myself very lucky, indeed. I still have that sense of it 40 years later. We were kissing and as I lay on her I impulsively pressed my hard-on against her vag outside of her sweat pants

You can’t imagine my surprise when she said “Let me fix it” and positioned my hard cock exactly between her lips and pushed back ! The reason why I’m telling you this is because it was preliminary to us having official, real, missionary sex for the first time a few weeks later.

There was no pain and ended with both of us having simultaneous orgasms and it’s the best way for nervous virgins to do it.

I’d recommend it to anybody who’s contemplating their first time. That best part is at the beginning, the first half dozen or so strokes after she’s warmed up and wet.

In a few weeks after that first time (during which we dry-humped every day) we wanted to do it naked. OMG how that skin-on-skin felt, knowing the whole time that we were feeling each other’s private parts with our own private parts.

We moved on to vaginal sex. The dry-humping was the best way to get her ready to lose her v-card. She was relaxed and open, wet, very aroused and the only thing she could think about was having me in her.

No thoughts about pain, guilt, reputation, or even if I’d “respect her in the morning”. Her horny lust overrode all that and made it about as pleasant an experience as possible.

Sex Intense Passion

Much of the pearl-clutching fears surrounding sexual
passion stem from generations of indoctrination into
egregious Western phobias about sex.

Euro-America has an obsession with sex that stems
from the elevated ideal of total, absolute control
over all aspects of life and environment.

This obsession is rooted in a deep, visceral
fear by patriarchs over losing control.

Sexual tastes are often judged in extremes.
If you like to have sex, you’re a slut,
and society works to temper your promiscuous ways.

If you dislike it, you’re a prude, and society tells
you to ‘live a little’ with a million tips and tricks
on how to be more sexual.

For some people, both sides sound like
exhausting archetypes, because they
reflect a universal scrutiny on sex and sexuality.

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