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Brazilian Beach Sex + Free Condoms

The Brazilian health ministry announced recently
that it’s acquired 20 million female condoms.
They’ll be distributed free, mainly among women
considered to be most vulnerable to sexually transmitted diseases.

The “third generation” condoms cost 27.3 million reais
($15.2 million) and are made of nitrile latex, according
to a health ministry communique.


The campaigns are part of Brazil`s anti-AIDS policy,
which is considered to be a model by the UN and also
includes the free distribution of the medications
needed by people who have the disease.

Health authorities will begin distributing
the female condoms shortly, taking into
account the criteria for vulnerability to STDs.

It’s a measure that will mainly benefit sex
workers, victims of domestic violence, drug addicts
and women who live with carriers of the HIV virus.

Also, women who have difficulty convincing their
partners to use male condoms will receive the
female condoms on a priority basis.

According to a recent health ministry survey, 90 percent
of sexually active Brazilian women are familiar with
or have heard about the female condom.

International Female Orgasm Day will probably make
you want to have what the women in Brazil are having.

It’s a yearly holiday meant to celebrate female sexuality.
It has larger aims than merely encouraging sexual pleasure.

While that is a significant component, International
Female Orgasm Day was designed to help women explore
their sexuality in a culturally accepting environment.


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