Cunt Vagina Vulva

Can I Play with Your Labia?

That Wonderful
Place between Your

The latest trend is fat transfer to the pubic area.The proper name is labia augmentation to fat transfer or labia major fat grafting. This procedure is similar to a Brazilian butt lift.

The labia majora is injected with unwanted fat from another area of the body. Unlike a BBL, the labia majora does not need much fat in order for its appearance to change. This procedure leaves the tissue of the labia majora looking smoother and fuller.

Press pause during a porn film and you’d think
that all mons pubis (the cushiony bit above
your pubic bone) should be almost flat.

The outer lips should be big enough to hide the inner
lips (but not too fleshy); that the whole of the genital
area should be hairless, smooth and pleasantly pink.

But if we start to think about vulvas in the real
world, very few (if any) are like that.

If people have problems changing their
perception of ‘perfection’ to include
difference and imperfection, that’s not surprising.

Unless you’re a gynaecologist or regularly hang out
on nudist beaches, chances are you don’t face a sea
of vaginas on a daily basis.

Add the fact that female genitalia is not up there
on the list of hot dinner-party topics and you’ve
got a problem. But many women deal with vagina
anxiety on their own.

Going Down

Putting a mirror between your legs might not sound like
the best use of a spare ten minutes, but it’s the
easiest way of getting familiar with all your bits.

Are your inner lips longer than your outer ones?
Does your clitoris ‘button’ on the upper part of
your vulva go harder when you touch it? Is the
skin inside your inner lips sticky or slick?

There’s no right or wrong when it comes to how
you should look or feel. Getting to know your
normal takes time, but it’s a great way of
growing more confident in your own skin.

Teaching Girls
to Find Pleasure

We never talk about the vulva and clitoris. We’ll bring up
the possibility of sexually transmitted diseases and assault,
but we don’t go toward helping girls develop a healthy,
joyous sense of their sexual selves.

Fewer than half of teenage girls have ever masturbated.
And then they go into partnered sex and we’re surprised
when they don’t feel they have a sense of voice, a sense
of agency or entitlement or an ability to say what
they need or want. They think that pleasure is for boys.

window exposure

And to Close

Hold on
to Those

Why are most men attracted to a woman’s backside?

That’s how males choose females for mating.
A prominent butt means the girl would be
productive and raise children easily.

The buttocks contain fat which which helps
sustain a pregnancy. Males are unconsciously
aware of this. Their brains are hardwired
to seek out a fertile female.

Buttocks Bring out
the Baboon in Men

Where do we even start? The video of “Work” is
such a mushroom cloud of sexiness that we realise
life is worthwhile with Rihanna in it.

Showing us Drake and RiRi in this crowded,
sweaty club, which is so sexy just on its own.

I loved the scenes where Rihanna is dancing
to her own reflection in the mirror, away
from Drake and the crowd, and from us, too.

She’s got that come-hither swag.
The way the cinematography works
here to build suspense is so key.

We see those fierce stilettos first, then that slow
pan up the thigh to reveal what she’s wearing
and how she’s styled.

Are those buttocks still magnificent?
It’s the first thing we want to know
when we hear there’s a new Rihanna video.

Rihanna and Shakira booty shake song from Aryan Sharma on Vimeo.

Even White Girls Can Pump


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