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Losing Your Virginity

Can You Feel It?

Sexual contact may feel strange at first because it’s
an unfamiliar sensation. Make sure you communicate
with your partner before and during sex, telling
him/her what does and doesn’t work for you.

If sex is painful, tell your partner
or stop and try something different.

To maximize pleasure and minimize the chance
of discomfort, spend a lot of time on foreplay.

This can mean kissing, caressing, teasing,
or exploring. Foreplay will enhance arousal
and prime you and your partner for an
even more enjoyable experience.

Even though foreplay and a state of arousal
can help the vagina and penis self-lubricate,
people may still need to add lubricant to
prevent uncomfortable friction.

Initiation Ceremony

For teenagers, early sexual initiation is an
important developmental stage in their lives.

A recent survey showed most sexually active teens
wish they had started having sex earlier and gained
more experience for high school and college relationships.

Lingerie Adds
to the Fuck

Women are sold the myth that lingerie is the one thing
to will make you irresistible to the opposite sex.

Don your skivvies, and they’re yours. Slip
into some stockings, and it’s seduction city.

Strap on your suspenders, because Mr Hardon will see you now.
It sounds absurd. But leaving lingerie on in the lead-up
to sex can be very exciting for your fuckmate.

Afternoon Sex

Double Lives

from CHRISMDAY on Vimeo.

We’re living double lives. There’s the skin
we wear on the surface, and then the one
we keep to ourselves.

The part of us that indulges in curiosities
and fantasies we wouldn’t dare admit to
the world, let alone ourselves.

Emily blends these two realities within herself,
surrendering to her “dark” side by giving
it a platform to voice itself.

‘We come together baby can you feel it;
we’re all torn up inside.”

She mixing poison with sweetness.
“Sleeping pills, sugar, kisses, formaldehyde.”

Girls with Pale Skin

pale fire

“Let’s scrub out that tan” is a common refrain
in beauty salons in India, where girls
grow up with constant reminders that only
fair skin is beautiful.

Being subject to a succession of white colonialists
has long associated light skin with power, status
and desirability among Indians.

Today, the contempt for brown skin is embraced
by both the ruling class and lower castes,
and reinforced daily by beauty magazine covers
featuring almost exclusively Caucasian models.

Sex Week at Yale

For days leading up to this biennial extravaganza
he receives e-mails advertising seminars like
“The Female Orgasm” and “Everything You’ve Always
Wanted to Know About Sex (and Sex Toys!).”

When the big week arrives, he, along with hundreds
of fellow students, attends lectures by porn stars
and porn moguls and peddlers of every sex toy
on the market (all eco-­friendly, of course).

Most of what he describes seems like fodder for satire,
but he approaches it all with great seriousness,
pausing often for helpful definitions:
‘double anal penetrations’ — a dangerous and frequently
harmful act during which two males penetrate
the anus of the female simultaneously.

He sits in on a lecture called “Babeland’s Lip Tricks,”
given by a burlesque performer named Darlinda,
who leads the students in chanting unprintable words,
and then demonstrates with great care and enthusiasm
her whole foreplay array of lip, tongue and hand techniques.

Fucking Let Go

Take in a skatepark on Manhattan’s Lower East Side.
Among the skater bros and dudes smoking weed,
you’ll find a tight-knit unit of talented teenage women.

With unruly hair whipping their faces and socks
pulled up under their Vans, the women belong
to an inclusive group of young female skaters
self-dubbed “Skate Kitchen.”

The name’s a two-fingered salute to all the
dickheads who have jeered at them to get off
the quarter pipes and back in the kitchen.

These are the badass women cruising and kickflipping
through Crystal Moselle’s Skate Kitchen, a narrative
film adapted from the girls’ real lives.

At its center is Camille (Rachelle Vinberg),
a Long Island native and skillful skater who
religiously follows the girl gang on Instagram.

Breaking her mother’s rules, Camille begins
trekking into the city to hang at the women’s
stomping ground, skating and smoking
and making online videos.

The dialogue is slangy and off the cuff.
“That’s valid” is the movie’s most-recited phrase.

But reproducing skate parlance was only one part
of the film’s mission. Devising realistic day-to-day
conversations ranging from tampons to crushes
to hookups was the bigger challenge.

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