Sexual Appetite

Can You Feel It [Sexual Lust]

Fucking Lust

Girls feel sexual lust. Simply asserting that
comes as a shock to an awful lot of people.

We should allow girls to explain their sexuality
from their own perspectives: how they deny it,
assert it,are cut off from it, embrace it.

We need to reach a more honest
understanding of female adolescence.

Listening to and appreciating the depth of girls’
lust. It’s complex, powerful, sometimes pleasure-
seeking, sometimes scared. To understand it is revolutionary.


Ogle This

ogle this

Tough Lust

Tough Lust from Justin Penn on Vimeo.

Fingering Herself

fingering herself

Add Some Kink

add some kink

Goddess of Lust

Love, Lust & Female Libido

If we measure arousal and desire more accurately,
a woman’s libido is no weaker than a man’s.

Women struggle with monogamy more than men do.
It’s women, not men, who are “wired” for promiscuity.


Let Her Lust Loose

Sexual Intimacy
between Girls

If women were discovered to be lesbians back in the
1970s they were at risk of losing their jobs or kids.

They still felt the effects of laws that had barred
gays from working in the federal government with
the threat of being fired if they were found out.

Lesbians and Gays still remembered the McCarthy
era’s “Lavender Scare.” It was a contentious time
to identify as queer, even as a rights movement emerged.

Fine Young Lesbians

Almost a decade ago, I was a newly-formed gay excitedly
coming out to everyone I knew. I jumped at openings to
tell people that I had a girlfriend and loaded my
backpack with rainbow pins so everyone who walked by
me would know that I was not straight.

But I never used lesbian to describe myself,
even though it’s the most accurate word.

As a woman who’s sexually and romantically attracted
solely to other women, I am a lesbian.

But for some reason, “lesbian” has always felt too harsh.
Even now, I find myself hesitating every time I use it.

Domestic Bliss from Duke on Vimeo.

Gay and queer might feel less controversial to me,
but those words have homophobic histories as well.

Queer was a slur long before it was a word that describes
a sexual orientation, and while we traditionally think of
words like fag or dyke as LGBT slurs, even gay is a slur
when it’s said with malice.

While gay and queer feel safer than lesbian to me,
that may be a result of successful movements to
reclaim both of those words.

Young queer women now proudly call themselves dykes. But there
hasn’t been any major effort to reclaim the word lesbian.

A dyke is a woman committed to revolution,
the most radical position.

A lesbian is committed to a more liberal position. She’s
more willing to compromise and work within the system.

A gay woman affirms her commitment to a gay community
and sees nothing wrong with working with men.

A crone has moved beyond all the silliness of name-calling.

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