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Can You Feel Me Inside You?

Sounds Like She’s Coming

What’s the biological reason for women moaning
and screaming during sex? Is it in some way
beneficial for reproduction. Does the male come
faster when the female screams?

Women moan loudly during
sex and scream when they come.

Female primates, from monkeys to humans, moan during
sex in primate species which are promiscuous.

In spite of the obvious dangers of predators
discovering and attacking you while you’re
vulnerable, scientists say it’s an
evolutionary biological reason.

It’s now been proven across all cultures
that women are vocal leading up to orgasm
but only in the primate species where
females are promiscuous does this occur.

For example, female gorillas are monogamous
and therefore not vocal during copulation.

Why is moaning and screaming during
sex beneficial to women biologically?

Researchers have discovered a woman will
vocalise to attract more males to copulate
with her when the current male is done.

This behavior of mating with more than one
male at a time supports sperm competition.

The more males a woman copulates with, the higher
probability she’ll conceive a healthy offspring.

To further underscore this reproduction imperative,
scientists have confirmed that male sperm has
biologically evolved to fertilize an egg in
an environment where it’s mixed with ejaculate
from other males.

Sperm have different counter measures, including
killer sperm, designed to kill other male sperm.
The penis is also designed to scrape out
competitive sperm after ejaculating as the
penis is pulled out of the vagina.

Female humans are fundamentally a polyamorous
(sex with many) species biologically designed to
have sex with multiple males when they’re aroused.

Female Orgasm (Study on Human Orgasm) from Anna Travolta on Vimeo.


Sounds Like She’s Coming from Four Chambers on Vimeo.

Animal Magnetism

Is there the difference between
sexual magnetism and flirting?

Flirting is something you do.
Sexual magnetism is something you are.
Flirting is an activity.
Sexual Magnetism is a state of being.

You can be good at flirting, but it doesn’t
mean that you are sexually magnetic.

Being sexually magnetic is like being rich
and having your money working for you,
earning interest without you doing anything.

You could be flirting or not, well dressed or not,
in a good hair day or not. Yet, you’d still
be sexually attractive to others around you.

It’s an appealing and natural state of sexuality.
It’s an energy you have inside of you that gets
projected to the outside with no conscious effort.

It will make all your flirting and seductive
efforts a lot easier.It’s as if you’ve developed
a natural attractive charm to the opposite sex.

Working Women with Class

A 23-year-old woman has opened up about her
secret life as a high-class call girl.

Young escort Jessie Baldwin has been charging
wealthy businessmen $5,000 an hour for sex
to fund her extravagant lifestyle.

She said her earnings has allowed her to
buy a property and a luxury Mercedes car.

With the high rate she charges, she works
a maximum of two days a week and she would
only take one booking a day.

“This means I can earn anywhere between
$10,000 to $25,000 a week, depending on
the length of the booking, plus I make
extra in tips.”

Her most generous tip was $10,000.
She said her clients often shower
her with designer clothing, expensive
handbags, shoes, jewellery and cash.

Jessie revealed the majority of her clients
are rich married men, including bankers
and lawyers. She said men working in
restaurants can’t afford her services.

While there are men who obviously pay
her for a steamy session in the bedroom,
others just wanted to feel appreciated.

“There have been many clients who don’t
even want to have sex; some pay me just
to go to dinner with them and hold their
hand in public as if they somehow have
this hot, young girlfriend.”

“It gives them a (really expensive) thrill
and then they go home to their dowdy wife
feeling they’ve done anything wrong.”

Why Does He Want a Threesome?

My boyfriend wants to have a threesome.
Does that mean he doesn’t love me?
Why does he want to have sex with
another girl? Should I be mad or not?

Why does he want to have sex with another girl?
Because sex is fun. Sex is enjoyable. Sex is
exciting. Sex is pleasurable.

Sex and love are not the same thing.
Almost every man you will ever meet
is interested in sex with more than
one person. Almost every woman you will
ever meet is also interested in sex
with more than one person.

It’s a Threesome

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