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Celebrating the Female Body

Men will love it. And most women probably will too,
for to be up to date is to wear clothes that indicate
the natural contours of a woman’s body — the curves
of the breast and hips, the gentle round of the stomach,
the indentation of the waist and the shapely turn of the leg.


After seasons of clothes that were loose and were meant
to be applied in layers, suddenly last fall a new silhouette
thrust out the shoulders, pinched in the waist and hoisted
the hemline. Now women find fashion is where their bodies are.

The average woman has gotten rid of a lot of volume.
She’s into softer, narrower, more controlled things.

At their best, this Autumn’s clothes are exactly right
for American women today — easy, casual, comfortable to wear
and move in, and quick to assemble.

At their best, they are frankly sensuous. At their worst,
they are blatantly sexy. Either way, the new clothes
celebrate the female body; and either way, they require
a wearer with a sense of security.

A woman who wears a blouse that indicates a curve of
breast beneath (not to mention a nipple), or a skirt
that nips a bit to the hip or has a slit that
occasionally reveals the leg, should be prepared for
the effect she has on others.

Today’s secure woman can handle it because she has a casual
“it’s natural” attitude and projects it. And she knows there
is a right time and a right place for wearing particular
kinds of clothes. She doesn’t go to the office, board meeting,
or P.T.A. in something that is outrageously revealing.
But her choice of clothes may still be sensuous.

All men Watch Porn

Is There
a Non-Porn Man
in the House?

Until 1980, men interested in porn had to visit the few thousand adult theaters peppered around the nation’s cities, suburbs, and rural areas.

People talked about “trench coats” and “dirty old men.” Then home video arrived, and soon every rental outlet had an adult section. Viewing soared. Some men’s spouses became alarmed and a new term entered the lexicon, “porn addiction.”

Since the late-1990s when the Internet took off, porn sites have become one of the top destinations.

Today, more than 25 billion Web pages present every type of X-rated fare imaginable for free 24-7-365 on everything from desktop computers to smart phones. And today, many people (mostly women) consider “porn addiction” a major problem.

Is it? No way. A small fraction of men watch so much so compulsively that it is a problem. They need therapy. But the vast majority of porn viewers are guys who enjoy a little X-rated action while masturbating. Is this “addiction”? No.

Who views porn? Overwhelmingly. Men by themselves. According to Adult Video News, the pornography trade magazine, 71 percent of X-rated media is viewed by men alone.

19 percent by heterosexual couples, 7 percent by gay male couples, and 2 percent by women (by themselves or lesbian couples). Men who use porn solo account for almost three times as much as all other users combined.

No surprise there. Men become aroused visually, while women become aroused by touch. That’s why men love women in skimpy outfits and lingerie (they view it) while women prefer bubble baths and spa treatments (they feel it).

In addition, pornography celebrates men’s erotic fantasies, a world where women are perpetually horny, available, enthusiastic, and happy to service men endlessly while ignoring courtship, intimacy, marriage, birth control, infection prevention, and their own sexual satisfaction.

Critics claim porn causes rape. It doesn’t. Porn causes only one thing – masturbation. Generating erotic fantasies takes effort. Why expend the energy when porn provides all the fantasies you could ever want?

All the research on porn and interviews of sex therapists agree that men who use porn don’t consider it relationship betrayal.

They don’t love their spouses or girlfriends any less, nor do they judge their lovers harshly compared with the women they see on screen.

And except for the small group of compulsive porn consumers, the vast majority of men don’t consider it a substitute for their lovers.

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