Moral Outrage

How to Become a Degenerate

Moral Outrage [Laughable]

The Jeffrey Epstein story is so sordid and outlandish.
It’s like a made-for-TV movie about the evil proprietor
of a nightmarish enclave of private perversion and
sexual exploitation, Lolita Island.
For Epstein’s victims, the nightmare was all too real.

Every individual who knew about Epstein’s degenerate
empire and did nothing to stop it should be ushered
into a Federal prison cell to ponder their sins
against the exploited girls and against the nation.

Epstein made a comparison between
homosexuality and paedophilia.
Criminalising sex with teenage
girls was a cultural aberration.
At times in history it was perfectly acceptable.

Fifty years ago homosexuality was a criminal
act in the West. How long will it take before
teenage sex is liberated?

How long before Epstein will be seen as a cultural
hero, destroyed by media hyenas howling for blood?

Decline & Decadence

There’s now a special term for incest
– ‘Genetic Sexual Attraction.

Designed to give it a scientific
aura and respectability.

We may also have to contend with
an attempt to normalize pedophilia.

Is there nothing beyond the pale nowadays?
Providing a reason it should be singled out
as verboten is not so easy, given the
justifications we now accept for transgression.

I’ve Become a Degenerate

The porn and literature I look for is more extreme
and taboo than I’d ever have imagined.

After I’ve cum Im disgusted by
whatever was fueling my urges.

The quality of my relationships
(if you can call them that)
has grown progressively worse
with each girl I manage to find.

Its at the point now where im seeing
a mid 30s meth smoking mother of two.

Strictly after 10pm, in the backof my car.

Every day regardless of who I’ve seen or what
I’ve done, I get off before I go to sleep.

It’s more than a habit. Literally, I’m a sick mother-fucker.

Is There Worse Than This?

A ‘despicable’ paedophile caught with around 10,000
child abuse images on his laptop has been given
an extra year in prison just two months after he was
convicted of molesting a mentally-disabled adult.

Sending the degenerate down, the judge said:
“Those images in some cases were the worst
type of child abuse images you could imagine
referred to in court today”

Nasty Degenerate

The fashion label is facing a backlash after
launching a “#MeToo Collection” of clothes,
reportedly inspired by the global
anti-sexual harassment movement.

The collection includes a jumper named the
“Armed Sweater” and a metallic #MeToo badge.

The website explains that the collection is
“for the warriors” and “for all the wounds”,
but the brand has been accused of trying
to cash in on the movement and criticised
for the names of some of the pieces.

The collection contains a dress called
‘sex on legs’ and a jumper called ‘bounce with me’.

What kind of nasty degenerate would try
and cash in on the #MeToo movement?

Is the Whole LGBTQ Thing Degenerate?

Look how quickly the transgender
movement followed same-sex marriage.

It would be folly to imagine that this
“achievement” would placate progressives.

As if transgenderism were the goal
to end all goals. What comes next?

It seems there are only two options.
We might recover a saner appreciation
of reality and tradition, or we will
continue to degenerate in yet other
destructive ways. My guess, unfortunately,
is that the latter is more likely.

Polygamy is a somewhat obvious candidate
for the next wave to crash ashore.

As predicted, Muslims in the West
have begun advocating for its
acceptance based upon legal precedent
sanctioning “gay marriage.”

Why should “love” lose in a polygamous context?

Degenerate Art

Puritans were shocked’ to see the painting depicting
a young girl “in a sexually suggestive pose.

By showcasing this degenerate work for the masses
without providing any type of clarification,
the gallery is supporting voyeurism, the
objectification of children and pedophilia.

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