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Chemistry of Sex

1. In recent years there’s been a lot of
talk about pheremones. These are chemicals
that have the ability to trigger a social
(and potentially sexual) response from
members of the same species.

Do You Know Your Pheremones from Your Oxytocin?

Some companies have even begun bottling these chemicals, urging consumers to use them as cologne and “enhance your sex life.”

According to some, these bottled pheromones are little more than marketing. As of now there’s no good scientific study that shows that these sprays actually work. But there are plenty of people who use them and claim they’re the best thing ever. The placebo effect really works.

A Woman to Desire

A Girl's Desire from VM Production on Vimeo.

2. Oxytocin, a hormone primarily used by the body during sexual reproduction, also has some mood-enhancing properties. And when you feel good, you’ll likely fare better in all parts of life — including your love life.

Oxytocin is definitely a very good thing. However, women should forget any artificial forms of the hormone and look for natural ways to get it instead.

Get [oxytocin] a natural way. Have sex and orgasms, get a massage, give a friendly hug, cuddle your dog. Biology doesn’t work in a vacuum.

You can buy oxytocin in a cute little bottle, but it’s something that works in concert with dozens, potentially hundreds, of other chemicals in the body]to get the correlational effects that we see.

3. Is there a cure for a broken heart? The best way to get over a broken heart is to get back to sexual activity as quickly as possible.

While there certainly are chemical reactions that take place when we feel attraction, love and lust, these processes are just far too complex to contemplate creating a drug to fix a broken heart.

Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately if we take a cue from the film “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”), we’re better off just letting time do the healing.

Plus, the chemicals that affect feelings of love are also used for other purposes. And changing around your body’s chemistry can be dangerous. A love vaccine might be nice, but probably not at the price of my kidney function.

The Chemistry of Sex

Teeny Lovers – Teens got the chemistry

4. Take headlines like “The Science of Romance: Why We Love.” and “10 Ways to Have Better Sex, According to Science” with a grain of salt.

As nice and simple as headlines often make scientific studies seem, it’s always important to read them with a critical eye.

Look at what these researchers are actually studying. So often there are these headlines that say ‘His Genes Make Him Cheat’, it’s important to look deeper.

When you read an article, read it carefully and make sure to do a bit more research before you jump to any life-changing conclusions.

5. When scientists create studies they always start off with some assumptions (duh), and sometimes, these assumptions can be damaging to women.

There are a lot of biases, especially when it comes to women’s roles in sex and relationships. There’s this idea that we all want to be in monogamous relationships, that we can’t have sex without getting attached. That’s not necessarily true. There’s lots of contradictions in sex and love research.

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