Sexual Experience

Come on Boys! Sex with a Mature Woman

Men are attracted to a woman who knows what
it’s all about and is sexually liberated.

Taking a woman who is knowledgeable and
passionate is exciting for most young men.

A boy who wants to bait a cougar needs more
than his naiveté, good looks, neediness,
a willing penis and the hope to impress.

Cougars have been having sex for years.
A boy should expect to learn a few things.
Like discovering what a woman wants.

You’re young so you can outlast and
out-fuck any man in her age group.

But work on your other skills.
Learn to court her, pay attention
to her insights. Above all, spoil her.


Most women would say they more easily achieve
orgasm through masturbation than fucking.

A sexual experience for a woman can be
about everything but the orgasm.

It includes the ego boost of watching a partner
get turned on by her body, the feeling of
skin-to-skin contact, the pleasure of having
someone celebrate and admire her vulva.


A woman can make a distinction between her
‘sex drive’ and ‘orgasm drive’.

When she has sex, she certainly wants pleasure
but I doesn’t necessarily require an orgasm.

So as long as she can feel that penetration and
her partner’s penis is hitting at a good angle
for a good amount of time, she’s probably happy.


The Girlfriend Experience

The girlfriend experience usually involves
more personal interaction than a traditional
call girl or escort offers.

It varies widely from person to person. There
is a focus on not just having sex, but also
having more of a comprehensive experience.

Within this particular realm of sex work,
prostitutes embody a sense of authenticity
to make the experience more pleasurable for
their customer, as well as to make a more
lucrative outcome for themselves.

Dream Fucking Girlfriend

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