Better Porn Semen

Cream Pie: Semen Everywhere

Dripping Semen
from Her Vagina

Creampie describes a man’s ejaculation
inside his partner’s anus or vagina.

It also used to describe the visible seeping
or dripping of semen from the vagina (or anus).

The practice was common in gay and
straight porn in the early 21st century.

Internal ejaculations, followed by images
of semen dripping from the anus, were a
staple of bareback gay pornography.

They were known as “breeding”
or the “reverse money shot”.

It’s been suggested that the origin of ‘cream pie’
was the ‘Boston Cream Pie’ It had two layers of white
sponge or butter cake sandwiched together with pastry cream.

The cream was rich, thick, vanilla flavored custard
made from a mixture of milk, eggs, sugar, flour and cornstarch.

Bang Bang Cream Pie

Internal Cum

Vagina Leaks Semen

QUESTION: My wife and I are recently married. Before marriage my wife and I always used condoms during sex. Now my wife is on birth control and we no longer use them.

Neither of us have ever had sex with another person and we want to know if it is normal for all or most of my semen to come back out of my wife after removing my penis.

We make a dash for the bathroom immediately after sex and my wife has said she even has semen dripping out the next morning on most occasions. Thanks!

ANSWER: Semen is no exception to the rule, ‘what goes up, must come down’. If a man ejaculates into a woman’s vagina without using a condom, semen (as well as vaginal fluids) trickle out.

While it may be practical to make a dash for the bathroom, if you have sex in bed, you can always let the fluids drip onto the sheets. You can also have a soft towel nearby, which you can use to sensuously dry each other after sex.

Either way, the two of you can stay where you are, allowing yourselves to enjoy one another and relax — you’ll just have some extra things to add to the wash.

If your partner is uncomfortable with the dripping feeling after intercourse, she can use a mini-pad (typically used during menstruation) on her underwear to absorb the semen. Or, she can prevent the seeping sensation by using condoms.

As an alternative to latex, you can try polyurethane female condoms for a change, or lambskin condoms (although they do not protect against STIs) as they provide a more natural sensation.

Condoms can be especially useful for the times when your partner doesn’t want to experience this wetness after having sex.

If you and your partner plan on becoming pregnant in the future you need to know how to maximize the ejaculated sperm, minimize the leakage, and increase the chances of conception.

Don’t worry about semen, mixed with vaginal fluids, that flows out from the vagina after ejaculation during sexual intercourse.

The semen that remains in the vagina usually carries enough swimming sperm to go for the gold, reaching the ovum [egg]. One drop of semen contains millions of sperm and, as nature has frequently shown us, it is enough to do the trick.

You can increase the likelihood of the semen staying longer in the vagina. For example, when you have sex with your wife, try it with her on her back and you on top.

Or, she should remain with her knees up, so that her vagina stays full of semen. To make herself more comfortable, try placing pillows under her knees to help prop up her hips. (This is something you can practice at a time when you are not having intercourse.)

There’s no need to stand on your head or put your feet into the air. Most obstetricians will tell you just to lie there for a few minutes. Simple enough.

Another great thing for a woman to do is to not have an orgasm until her husband is finished. If he gives you an orgasm afterwards, the contractions of the uterus during your orgasm helps to suck the sperm in even further.

Then remain in bed on your back for 15-30 minutes, whatever you’re comfy with. Then it is okay to wipe, pee, shower, or do whatever it is you do!

I don’t put my legs up, but I do get on all fours and lay like a baby with my bottom in the air and my back arched.

I have a tilted uterus and my doctor said that would help with the gravity because the legs in the air doesn’t really move your uterus at all. I usually stay that way for about 10-20 minutes. It looks funny, but hey…whatever works.

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