Virgin Girls

She’s So Cute. Really?

Is She Acting Cute
or Really Cute?

Men find cute girls attractive mainly because
they look innocent, fragile, and harmless.
Men want to protect and shower them with love.

Some girls know that in order to attract their crushes,
they have to behave in a cutesy manner and start acting
cute around them. But how do we differentiate whether
a girl is acting cute or is she is genuinely cute?

Cute Cunt

cute cunt


Girls who want to look cute typically speak
to guys in a higher-pitched voice while speaking
normally to their female friends.

Being innocent and cute means sometimes
you have to behave a like a child.

Touch Me Feel Me

touch me feel me

Sitting posture

Cute girls often sit in a very demure manner,
with their legs crossed or knees side-by-side
and their backs straight.

See how long they keep it up. It’s tiring to sit
sit like that if you’re not used to it.used to it.

She’s Going to Fuck You

she's going to fuck you.jpeg
Eye contact

For some reason, act cute girls tend to stare at people
with their eyes wide open when they are speaking to someone.
They would sometimes place their faces very close to the
face of the person they are talking to look cuter than they are.

It may sound creepy and gross to most people but apparently,
this is one of the top Korean technique: acting innocent
and cute with a positive connotation.

Cute Girls Come


Many people seem to think that cutesy, quiet
and shy girls don’t have much of an opinion
and usually smile a lot when meeting new people.

That’s why girls who want to act cute would also
behave in that manner around acquaintances and
strangers but yes, smiling too much can be tiring too.

Try saying something odd or slightly offensive
to shock the girl who is acting cute and check
out her response.

You might catch her breaking out of her cutesy role
and roll her eyes or give you a quick scowl.

Fucking Cute

fucking cute

Cute Girl Tempts

I love her labia lips

When stressed

The best way to know someone’s true colours
is to throw them in an extremely stressful
situation and see how they react.

Do that to a girl whom you think may be
acting cute and watch her true colours show.

She might get flustered, start speaking in a normal
voice, lash out at you; basically behaving like a
completely different person.

Cute Teens in Action

You’re All I Want


You’re all I want
We fuck so hard it left me faded
For all you are
There is no other love, it’s only yours
You’re all the wood, all the love

I Miss You

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