Object of Desire

Desire: Well-Built Women

She’s So Voluptuous

A beautiful woman, tall, well-proportioned,
with curves in all the right places.
By no stretch of imagination skinny or thin.

With a provocative walking style, one
which always attracts male attention.

Voluptuous women exude raw sex appeal.
Full figured with beg-to-be-noticed
breasts, a fine arse and shapely hips.



Voluptuous describes a woman who’s large —
but in all the right places.
Voluptuous is a curvy compliment.

A skinny woman is the opposite of voluptuous.
Being voluptuous means being a little fleshy
and curvy, especially in the chest area.

But voluptuous doesn’t only apply to body types.
A house that’s luxurious, lavishly decorated,
and full of delicious food is voluptuous.

Any use of voluptuous means there’s a lot going on.
For some reason, most fashion models are not
voluptuous at all — they’re as thin as rakes.

She’s So Voluptuous

I Love Your Curves

Puberty is nature’s way of transforming a child
into an adult, all for the sake of reproduction.
The breasts develop and the hips widen.

Boys and men are genitally programmed
to respond to curvaceous girls.

While both girls and boys go through puberty,
a girl will reach puberty and sexual maturity at
an earlier age than a boy.

You’ll probably gain weight in puberty.
Most girls do. You may notice more body
fat along the upper arms, thighs, and
upper back. Your hips will grow rounder
and wider. Your waist will become narrower.

teen cuves

On Heat Again

Explore Her Body from ERIC MINH SWENSON on Vimeo.

Classic Nude


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The Money Shot?

Sweet Fuck Honeytrap

Cardi B reached her climax with the ‘Money’ shot,
celebrating her days as a stripper and pole-dancer.

Hey, Honey

Cherry Honey from HazelB on Vimeo.

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