The Cock Crows

The Thrusting Cock

Cock in Cunt:
Don’t Thrust So Much

With each thrust – deeper, slower, faster, harder
— the penis is able to stimulate thousands of
nerve endings to increase her sexual pleasure.

Most porn clips show men thrusting in and
out, grinding away until they ejaculate.

It’s no surprise that most men think this
display of penis manhood is the method for
a woman to achieve pleasure and orgasm.

What most men don’t realize is that this type
of thrusting is a recipe for fast ejaculation
and little satisfaction for most women.

Rival Semen [Deep
Fuck Technique]

The ridge of the glans (penis head) is
designed as a semen-displacement device
to “scoop” out rival semen during sex.

The human male has evolved mechanisms to pass
on his genes during post-copulation as well,
a phenomenon dubbed “sperm competition.”

This is the inevitable consequence of males
competing for fertilization of the female.

Extra pair copulations (sex affairs) appear to be
a significant part of our ancestral history which
spell disaster.

Ultimately, a male whose female
partner engages in extra-pair copulation
is at risk of unwittingly investing his
resources into a genetically unrelated

Ever since the first cave man settled down
with the first cave woman infidelity has been
a problem plaguing monogamous relationships.

Coveting another man’s wife is a
common social sin that destabilizes
marriages and fragments families.

Men who are away from their mates for any
significant period of time are likely to
copulate as quickly as possible when reunited.

They will thrust more vigorously to make sure
their semen penetrated more deeply into the
vagina and displace the semen of a rival.

Deep Fuck Technique

Doggy Style

A classic, this position involves penetrating your
lover from behind with you both on all fours.

The deeper penetration really helps women achieve
a great orgasm. You can enhance pleasure further
with ribbed condoms or sex toys such as cock rings.

Fondling her breasts, kissing and nibbling
her neck can also ramp things up a bit.

Up-skirt View

Ancient Taoist Philosophy

According to Taoists, a man who learns to vary
his thrusting technique during sex will not only
last longer, but greatly enhance his pleasure
as well as his partner’s.

By practicing various forms of thrusting,
you can learn what your partner enjoys most.

Varying thrusts allows a man to maintain his
erection for longer periods, because the pauses
during changes allow his arousal to subside.

Holiday Nymphet

holiday nymphet

Depths of Thrusting

The Taoists developed several different
thrusting patterns, most of which involve
variations of shallow and deep thrusts.

Shallow Thrusts

A shallow thrust can be used to heighten a woman’s
arousal by only putting the head of your penis inside.

Shallow thrusts help men last longer because when
most men thrust deep, they pull back all the way.

The pulling back action can be highly arousing
for most men because the head of the penis
rubs against the full length of the vagina.

The frenulum – located right below the head,
is the most sensitive spot of the penis.

Deep Thrusts

The deep thrusts are very arousing for a woman because it
pushes all the air out the vagina, creating suction.

It also allows you to position your pelvic bone directly
onto her clitoral region, allowing her to rub her
clitoris against your pelvic bone.

Bitch Cocks Her Leg


Variations Of Thrust

In addition to depth, you can also vary the
direction in which you thrust.

Upper Rubbing – Shallow strokes pointing your
penis upward to stimulate her G-spot.

Lower Rubbing – Angle your penis downward
to stimulate the lower part of the vagina.

In addition to depth and direction you can also vary
the speed of thrusts depending on time, place,
and pleasure desired from your sexmate.

I’ve Got You, Babe


She Gushes

she gushed

Slide in Slowly
[Fucking Great]

When she’s ready roused and wet
from foreplay, us your cock to
tease the opening of her cunt.
Then slowly slide inside her.

Come to This

erotic meltdown

Slide It in

After your partner is highly aroused
and lubricated from foreplay, gently
tease the opening of her vagina with
the head of your penis.

Then slide only the head in and very slowly
thrust in and out with only the glans.

She’ll beg you to put it in deeper!
Slide it in one more inch, and then thrust
slowly in and out, but only to this same depth.

The Slide-in

The man lies on his back, the woman
lies on top with her legs together.

As he penetrates her she begins
to rub up and down his body.

The slide-in sex position is pretty easy
to master and he’ll be surprised at how
much tighter your vagina feels

Take your time. It’s a peak experience.

Slide It In

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