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Capitalism Exploits Women [A Male Ideology]

Sex Women & Exploitation

Capitalism is successful because
it exploits resources and labour.

Women suffer more than men. Their labour
includes bearing children, raising them
and domestic service [running a home
in suburbia].

No income from this work.
They do it for ‘love and duty’.

This slavery extends to their sex lives.
Their survival tends to be dependent on men.

Women’s sexuality becomes a commodity under
capitalism. This isn’t an explicit exchange
but a set of shifting social expectations.

Women can make certain demands (emotional or financial
support, for example) in exchange for access to their
sexuality, usually within the confines of monogamy or
marriage. Capitalism has fundamentally shaped and
warped the ways we relate to each other.

We watch a lot of sex and violence but remember
less the products advertisers are trying to sell.
If you can’t remember it, you’re not going to buy it.

The false notion that sex and violence
sell comes from the fact that their intensity
captures the channel surfer’s attention.

Advertising revenue is naively based on the
number of viewers, regardless of whether
their ads make an impact on them.

But if the viewers can’t remember the
commercials on these shows, what difference
does it make if more people are watching?

Advertisers know we’re strongly wired to react
to suggestive sex in ads. Showing an ankle or
a neck will work just as effectively as semi-nudity.

Sex sells because advertising isn’t selling
anything concrete in terms of sex, not product.

It’s selling your fantasy back to you, one size fits all,
The ambiguous nature of the ads feeds into this.

The famous Western Wonderbra ad [above] is just
a woman in underwear but the image suggests she’s
offering more than just a look at her in underwear.

Is she saying hello to you [the boys] or her breasts?
Is she making them available to men? Do women feel
Wonderbra will make them more sexually attractive?

The right kind & level of attractive (seductive)
imagery inhibits some of the rational thought
processes in our brains, insuring most of us
are more easily persuaded,

How does using sex
in advertising work?

We have what is called a lizard brain (or an old brain).
In terms of evolution, it is the oldest part of our brain

It’s responsible for survival.
It pays attention to 3 things
only: food, danger, and sex.

Even though our lizard brain operates on a subconscious level
(we’re not aware of its presence), it is continuously working,
scanning the environment in search of things that could endanger
ua, things to eat and things that to have sex with.

Advertisers can use sex to influence
that part of us which sways our normally
conservative selves for reproductive purposes.

Sexual messaging can operate beneath
our intellects, talk to the animal
inside and bring purchasing the
product one step closer to being
a life-or-death matter of survival.

Sex Sells Pop Music

Sex Sells from Najua Ward on Vimeo.

Beyoncé backed away from the scantily-clad female rap and R&B artists in refusing to equate feminism with promiscuity.

But things have changed with her latest album, Renaissance. Romance is all but gone: the love-obsessed croons of previous pop queens such as Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston have been replaced with something much colder, harsher and more sexually mercenary.

‘Virgo’s Groove’ is a clever-sounding, upbeat song that ought to be a Beyoncé anthem, but its moaning lust and a graphic description of what she’d like someone to do on her blouse ‘right here, right now’ edges closer to porn.

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