Pain & Pleasure

Domination Submission Arousal

Submit Punish Dominate [Joy & Pain]
Giving Head. Lie back & Tempt Him.
Watching Her Self-pleasure. Open
Your Present.

As an actor I wanted to experience what being
a submissive was like. Just as a dominant needs
to train, so does a submissive.

In the series you will see me restrained, spanked,
flogged, blindfolded, vibrated, tied up with ropes,
and smacked around a bit.


The first time I was restrained I felt strong. Even
though tied up, I was still very much in control.

No need to squirm and freak out and say “untie me”.

Anna [the character I was playing] took deep breaths,
sank into the feeling of being dominated, and waited
patiently for what came next.

As my arms were stretched above my head and the leather
straps tightened around my wrists, I felt free as Anna.

I was her. It was in that moment I felt her guard drop.
I learned that restraints are not bad, and I actually
felt free in them while in character.

For Anna, it was a way to let someone
else take the reins and guide her into
things she never knew she would like.

Giving Head


Maybe you’re tired, and you just want
to get him off without too much effort.

Ask him to play with himself

The further he gets himself along on his
path to orgasm, the less work you have to do.

Most people don’t masturbate in front of each other,
so the originality of it can also work in your favour.

You get to have an incredibly exciting and erotic
experience without asking to hurry things along.

Use your hands

If you rely on your mouth too much, you’ll
get tired pretty quickly. Your jaw will start
to ache and your tongue will get tired.

If you’re trying to get the penis
far down your throat, you’re also
likely to trigger your gag reflex.

Lie Back
& Tempt Him

engorged desire

Watching Her
Self Pleasure

Open Your Present

open your present

Don’t clean your vulva with anything special
In fact, don’t clean your vagina at all.

Don’t use special scrubs or washes for your vulva.
They can be irritating. Mild soap and water are all you need.

As for your vagina, you can completely leave that alone.
The vagina to a self-cleaning oven for a reason.
It cleans itself with regular discharges.

No need to try to help it out with
any products. That definitely douches.

“Crimes of the Future” indulges in gratuitous, appendage-like
excursions that gesture at strange new possibilities without
serving an obvious narrative function.

In one scene, Caprice is aroused by the newly installed zipper on Tenser’s stomach; in another, the couple strip off their clothes and enter the robo-bed together, exulting in the small incisions it makes all over their bodies.

For whatever reason, Tenser eats his meals while sitting in a creaky, reptilian chair that constantly shifts and groans. Inscrutable flourishes like this evoke a distant, unknowable future much more palpably than the sleek tendencies of modern science fiction, endlessly fascinated with advanced forms of artificial intelligence and virtual reality.

We can’t explain or relate to the urge to sit around in such an unusual contraption, yet Cronenberg challenges us to imagine what the body might feel like, and what it might demand, should the future reinvent our palates to encompass such a need.

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