Gay Porn

Dressed in Drag

LGBT culture is one shared by lesbian, gay,
bisexual, transgender, and queer individuals.
It’s sometimes referred to as queer culture

Drag Queens are possibly the most notorious illusionists
that have ever walked this Great Green Earth.

For centuries, men have delighted audiences appearing
as women, wearing all types of “female” clothing,
wigs, make-up and offering many types of entertainment.

These range from singing, dancing and lip-syncing to even
fire-eating, acrobatics and so on. Quite obviously,
the most important way in which to maintain the illusion
is to make sure their male genitalia is hidden from view.

In lies the secret to their crotch maintenance… to “hide
the candy,” as “candy” referring to their “cock n’ balls”
or penis and testicles for those academic types.

Shayne Oliver: ‘Being a Black
weirdo is harder than being any
other kind’

I’ve had it up to here with candy-gay culture.
It illustrates the closed borders of the
space in society dykes and queers have been
allowed to inhabit.

Who remembers when queer mainstream culture
was brasher,spikier, more exciting?

Take George Michael, whose videos for Fastlove,
Outside and Freeek! were dark, sexy and alluring,
always playful but defiantly adult.

Britney and Christina at the VMAs, lustily.
The Gossip made loud punk, screamed by Beth Ditto.

Jessie J’s breakout first single, Do It Like A Dude –
released long before she declared she was no longer bisexual
– spoke of the particulars of lesbian sex, and featured
tough, muscular women (including a pre-fame FKA Twigs)
prowling towards one another.

Now pop stars like Taylor Swift show ‘love’ for gay
rights.As recommended by agents and PR hucksters.

Genuine Lesbians
Queer Porn

Lesbian Lovers Orgasm

I asked a number of lesbians and bisexual
women what kind of porn they watched.

They had some pretty scathing things to say about
the unrealistic nature of the lesbian-themed offerings.

“Women with extra long fingernails and fried
blonde hair looking bored while idly thumbing
one another’s cunts,” was how one put it.

The Girls Keep Coming powered by YouPorn.

Does queer pornography, starring, designed
and directed by women who were themselves
queer be any better?

Many dykes subscribe to Suicide Girls which
comes pretty close to genuine lesbian porn.

The name Suicide Girls refers to the idea that
women who deviate from conventional beauty
standards with tattoos, piercings, and brightly
colored hair commit a form of ‘social suicide.’

The Real Thing
[Not Glossy Lesbians
in the L-Word]

Crashpad Serieshas become the gold
standardof the queer porn genre.

Dispensing with any story line or awkward dialogue,
one scene from Crashpad featured tattooed women
sporting alternative lifestyle haircuts getting
right to business.

As the trio of short-haired women began kissing
before they’d even begun the spankings or brought
out their strap-ons—the responses from my little
focus group were already far more positive.

The variations in the performers’ body size,
their queerer, less traditionally feminine
presentations (which ranged from punk-rock
femininity to very masculine indeed) was
met with widespread approval, as was the
much more passionate and fast-paced action.

girls play

Most Lesbian Porn
Made for Men

Surely no man really believes the two women
he’s watching having sex are actual lesbians?

The female performers are just that. Acting
a part. They’ve been chosen to appeal to men.

Real lesbians would run a mile from them.

Time to Let
the Dykes Out

Men are simple creatures. They’re roused by
visual cues emphasizing youth and downplay
drama and emotional complexity.

Supposed lesbian porn works for straight men
by “doubling up” those visual stimuli. The only
thing better than one nubile, personality-free
woman is two of them.

Men aren’t romantically attracted to real lesbians.
Very few men visit websites containing erotica featuring
actual lesbians targeted at actual lesbians,

Two women lying on a bed in a darkened room.
Pillows surround them and a satin sheet
drapes across their naked bodies.

Lit candles cover every available surface.
The Indigo Girls play softly in the background.
The women have their eyes closed.

Their hands intertwine, pulling each other
closer until their skin finally touches.

Soft moans escape their parted lips.
They orgasm simultaneously without
any stimulation beyond a rhythmic
thrusting of one vagina against another.

Sound familiar? This is what mainstream media
and years of stereotyping have ingrained
in the minds of those who may not have firsthand
experience with sex acts between two women.

The idea that straight men like it when two women make
out is so commonplace that it’s a cultural touchstone.
They don’t even have to be real lesbians.

Queer Lust

Jo would never be considered a stereotypical queer female.
She approaches sex with women neither by lighting candles
nor sending flowers, but by getting drunk and using
obvious body language to communicate her desire to fuck.

“I look the way I look, a skinny, short-haired
butch bitch, and I feel the way I feel and
when I want to bang a girl, I do it.”

Dyke Sex

She says her sex drive is much more active than
mainstream media would want you to believe for
a sexually active female, especially one
engaging in same-sex relations.

“If you have my libido, you don’t
want to stop until the next day.”

Gay Female

Unrealistic portrayals of gay sex in heterosexual
porn cultivate a widely believed stereotype of
‘normal’ ways gay women look, behave and interact.

Lesbian porn should consider the
female viewer from start to finish.

More Power
to Queer Women

Queer women have taken their power back
and feminist porn has really helped with that.

Sex Toys for dykes are realistic.
Flesh-coloured dildos and vibrators
They come in various sizes and can
include a generous set of fake testicles.

Anything Goes

There are no set rules regarding
the way you must engage in sex
to be considered a queer woman.

Butt play, nipple clamps, strap-ons,
oral sex, and anything else imaginable
is fair game.

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