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Eat Me Fuck Me

Cunnilingus is derived from the Latin words
for vulva and tongue. I hate the slang term
‘box job.’ It takes away the slow sensuality
that usually characterizes cunnilingus.

Most women dislike the word box as a euphemism
for vagina because there is nothing boxy
about cunts. We’ll stick to cunnilingus!

Cunnilingus is often her preferred form of stimulation
because the lips and tongue of a lover are softer and
more sensitive than fingers, a toy, a penis, or dildo.

It can be part of your lovemaking buffet, foreplay or
the main event that culminates in orgasm.

For women who don’t usually get off this way, turn it
into a pleasure experiment to see what works and what
doesn’t. You can make the experience anything you want.

Many young women can’t have an orgasm
through traditional intercourse alone.

More than 81% of women reach orgasm
from receiving oral sex and 88% of
married women prefer cunnilingus as
their preferred sex act.

Cunnilingus is the way to send a woman
to orgasm heaven. It comes with a guarantee.

But many young men don’t explore other options when they are going down on their women. They simply stick to one position and think that their ladies will enjoy their licks and orgasm easily.

Wrong. In order for a woman to enjoy cunnilingus, the session needs to be unpredictable. And the best way to make it unpredictable is to change from one cunnilingus position to another.

Cunnilingus Position #1

On your Face. This cunnilingus position
gives the woman more control over the sensations she wants.
You lie down on your back and she straddles your face.

Other than giving her more control over the sensation
she wants, this position also allows deeper tongue
penetration, which will surely give her more pleasure.

Eat This Babe Fuck [VideoRemix-Live] from JimFuck on Vimeo.

Cunnilingus Position #2

The Doggy Style. The doggy cunnilingus
position is very similar to the intercourse doggy position.

She will go down on all fours and tilt her
hips slightly towards the ceiling.

You will then lick her clitoris from behind.
Remember to vary the pace of your stroke.

Start off with slower strokes and gradually increase
the pace once you see that she’s fully aroused.

Use all the cunnilingus techniques that
you know to send her to orgasm heaven.

Cunnilingus Position #3:

Side by Side. In this position, the woman
lies on her back and you lie on your side beside her.

This position is good for mutual stimulation as she’s
able to stimulate you while receiving cunnilingus.

On top of this, while you are licking
her clitoris, you can also use your hand
or sex toys to give her additional stimulation.

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