Engorged Turn You On

Engorge Yourself Girls [It’s All in the Hips]

Masturbation for Young Ladies

You probably let your hands (or a sex toy)
do all of the work.

But if you want to make the most of masturbation,
allow your hips to guide you as you approach orgasm.

Once you’re relaxed and already roused (maybe
70 percent of the way to orgasm), let your hips
take over the movement.

Keep your hand/sex toy in place. Now find the
perfect rhythm to unleash your orgasm contractions.

You don’t need to think about your hip movements
and rhythm. It’s a primal subconscious motion.

You may find you have more intense
orgasms when it’s all in the hips.

Stretch Clench Arch & Fuck

If done the right way, sex can be sexercise.
After all, you’re stretching, clenching,
arching and propping.

The simplest exercise can be incorporated
into a fuck. Bend over and touch your toes?

When it comes to sexercising, the idea is the
same, but the procedure is slightly different.

In the name of the stretching sexercise,
simply bend over and put your hands on the
seat of a chair, table, whatever.

Let your partner fuck you from behind
while you keep those legs straight.

A Girl’s Hunger for Sex

Why do I feel horny all the time?
Is it normal for someone my age [17]?

Fuck Me Now

fuck me now

You’re only human! It’s normal to feel aroused
on a regular basis. This can be caused our
natural urge to reproduce.

It’s society that tries to put a bar on women’s
sexuality when biologically an adolescent’s sex
drive can be just as high or higher than that of boys.

It’s terrific that you’re aware of your sexual desires.
Masturbating two or three times per week, having an
engorged vagina (even in relatively non-sexual settings),
and thinking about your sexual wants and needs is quite normal.

Never feel ashamed about your sexuality.
As a young woman you have just as much
right as a man to explore your sexuality.

Don’t let our sexually repressive culture inhibit you.

The notion that girls aren’t supposed to be
as horny as men is a myth. Your sexuality
is part of what makes you human.

Most animals only are sexual when in “season”
[on heat]. It’s the reproductive drive.

We’ve been given sexuality as a pleasurable
way to bond with mates, as well as providing children.

Enjoy your sexuality! Keep it fresh and use it often.

Feeling Horny

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