Object of Desire

Get It On: Strip & Tease

Why do most boys love to watch a girl strip?
What is it that they find so seductive and sexy?

It’s undoubtedly men’s most desired fantasy.
But stripteasing isn’t meant just to arouse him.
Your taunt will bring out the lust in him.

Striptease from Evgeny Ignatov on Vimeo.

Strip and Tease from Desert Glam Cam on Vimeo.

Learn the right moves

Learn some new dance moves. Download a few videos of Jennifer Lopez or Shakira to learn a few hip moves that’ll be an almost eye-popping experience for him.

Remember the three Tees

Do not forget about the three Ts during your performance. Striptease is all about Tempting, Tantalising and Teasing. Walk up and down the room, flirt, flick your hair around while gyrating your body. But do not let your man touch you till you want him to!

Striptease Arousal from Jade Scott on Vimeo.

Striptease is an act where she/he seduces the viewer
by removing their clothes piece by piece.

Burlesque dancers perform striptease acts set to music.

Unlike a lap dance, a striptease is a visual experience
with no touching involved. You don’t have to be a
professional dancer to use this undressing technique
with your partner or by yourself.

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