Everyone Wants Sex [Lusty Women]

Strapping Young Woman. Clitoral Massage.

Morning Rise. All Men Are Rapists.

Hit the Deep Spot in Her. She Presents

Herself to Be Mounted. Dog & Bitch.

Motherfucking Dildo.


Strapping in the sense of large, robust, vigorously sturdy
and muscular first appeared in English in the mid-17th century.

Interestingly, was initially applied to young
women considered both vigorous and lusty.

Strapping combines the sense of strength in the noun
‘strap’ with the verb to strap in the now antiquated
sense to work tirelessly and energetically.

Clitoral Massage

clitoral massage

Most people think that to work on a woman with one’s
fingers means to rub up and down the clitoris a few
times and go a little crazy on it.

If you want to make sure that she really wants your
fingers on her clitoris, massage her! And don’t do it
as merely foreplay, but use it as the main course.

Use one, two or three fingers when massaging, depending
on the size of the clitoris. Use your thumb, index finger
and middle finger.

With two or three finger take the tissue of the clitoris
and gently move it up and down. Feel its shape and
everything the tissue surrounding it hides and also
the skin of the gland covering the button.

Adjust the speed according to her. If you can’t grab the
clitoris, put your index finger on it and circle.
You can also move up and down.

Morning Rise

Men like morning sex, while women mostly prefer to keep
bedroom activity reserved for night-time.

This has a lot to do with nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT).
It causes a man to have three to five erections as he sleeps.

NPT is more commonly referred to as morning wood or
morning glory. Waking up with an erection is as
good a reason as any to initiate early action.

Unfortunately, your girl may not be in the mood the minute
she opens her eyes, but if you approach it properly she’ll
very quickly be just as into morning sex as you are.

Morning Rise from Red Dot Beauty on Vimeo.

All Men Are Rapists

This is not what radical feminists say about men.
This is what men say about themselves when they
talk about their ‘uncontrollable sexual urges’.

They describe themselves as basically sexual
predators, defining male virility as intrinsically
wild, amoral and out of control.

They tell us we should’t even try to repress
their sexual urges, because it’s impossible.

These urges are natural, biological, hormonal,
unchangeable. According to them it’s nature
calling, and one cannot go against nature.

Hit the Deep Spot in Her

Deep penetration. Some women adore it and need
it to orgasm, but many find it to much.

Towards the back or your vagina is your “deep spot” known as
the anterior fornix. It’s located right above your cervix.

Having it stimulated by your man is obviously pleasurable
during deep penetration sex, but if your man doesn’t quite do
it right, then he is going to accidentally hit your cervix.

This can be incredibly painful and stops sex right in its tracks.

Dog & Bitch

A classic, this position involves penetrating your
lover from behind with both of you on all fours.

The deeper penetration really helps women achieve
a greatorgasm. You can enhance pleasure further
with ribbed condoms or sex toys such as cock rings.

Fondling her breasts, kissing and nibbling
her neck can also ramp things up a bit.

Mother Fucking Dildo


How to Use a Glass Dildo

One of the reasons why glass dildos are becoming so popular is because smooth glass plus smooth penetration equals almighty pleasure.

Even twisted or curved glass dildos with ridges or bumps are smoother than most plastic or silicone dildos. When a little lubricant (water-based or silicone) is added to the smooth surface of glass, it becomes even more slick, making for some great fun!

The majority of them are made from high-grade borosilicate glass, which is a durable, safe and sturdy material that is used in Pyrex jugs and oven dishes. It can be heated up in warm water or cooled down in your fridge or freezer for intense variations in temperature.

Glass dildos are both functional and extremely beautiful to look at, so it’s no surprise that many people enjoy their visual appeal as well as their credentials as sensual sex toys. When it comes to these glistening beauties, a well-cared-for glass dildo will outlast any plastic alternative, and prove even more versatile.

Start with a little external stimulation by rolling your glass dildo over your body. The smooth form works brilliantly on shoulders and backs and textured versions, like each of the Tracey Cox Supersex Glass Dildo Set, feel great when rubbed over the clitoris or shaft of the penis.

Lubricate your glass dildo so it slides in with ease. The great thing about glass is that you can use absolutely any lubricant with it, so if you’re planning on having fun in the shower then use a silicone lubricant but if it’s bed time shenanigans you’re after, use an all-purpose water-based lubricant like Lovehoney Enjoy Lubricant.

Once your dildo is inserted, try twisting it inside you. If it has ribs or bumps to it, like the Lovehoney Nubby Textured Sensual Glass Dildo, it will feel fantastic against the vaginal walls and produce gentle stimulation that will really get you warmed up.

You might like to try rocking your glass dildo inside you rather than just thrusting it, as this will reach your sweet spots and provide the firm stimulation you need for a gushing G-spot orgasm. The Lovehoney Ribbed G-Spot Sensual Glass Dildo is ideal for this.

Temperature Play

Unlike other materials where you can only achieve a certain amount of temperature variation through using cooling or warming lubes, glass dildos can be heated up or cooled down to your liking. Varying the temperature of a glass dildo intensifies orgasms beyond belief and feels great on the clit and during penetration.

The safest way to heat up your glass dildo is by leaving it out at room temperature for a few moments to begin with. Then fill a large pan with hot tap water and submerge your glass dildo for 10 minutes.

Once this is done, pour out most of the water until the dildo is only half submerged, then carefully remove it. Always test the temperature of your dildo on your forearm first to prevent any nasty accidents!

Alternatively you can cool your glass dildo down in the fridge or freezer. Start by letting it acclimatise to the surroundings by leaving it out at room temperature for a little while. Then, move your glass dildo to the fridge, leaving it on a clean, dry shelf.

After 10 minutes it should be suitably chilled but for a more intense sensation, move the dildo from the fridge to the freezer and leave it for a further 20 minutes. Check the temperature on your forearm and make sure any little bits of ice are removed before using it.

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