Object of Desire

Women Open Up

I lost my virginity in my early teens but sex
my 20s has been a revelation. While exploring
is important, the key thing for me has been
the new sense of openness I’ve been able to
cultivate with my friends.

That moment when you figure out that no, you’re
not the only one who watches porn, reads erotica
or masturbates. That sense of camaraderie.

Explore Her Body

Young women still don’t know enough
about their bodies. We know what
kind of anatomy and needs men have,
but when it comes to women, things get quieter.

Although the anatomy of sexual organs
is taught in schools, there is still
too little knowledge about the female genitals.

Perhaps that is just because they are in a way
more complex and hidden than male genitals.

I didn’t know where my clitoris was until
I was eighteen, and sometimes I was
concerned that I might be some kind
of a weird mutant without it.

When I finally discovered it happened not alone,
but with a partner who was fortunately experienced
and knowledgeable enough to know where it was.

In my inability to find parts of my own body,
I’m not alone – a friend didn’t know where
her vagina was until the first time she had sex.

Explore Her Body from tsurufoto. on Vimeo.

Wild Ride

They’re young. They’re hot. They meet at a party while
he’s in a relationship and she’s not available either.

They fall into an all-consuming love where all
they want to do is lie on top of each other
and make sexual puns.

It’s fast. It’s steamy. It’s public.
And it might be doomed.

Fortune, future, and two rival
groups are on the line.
They soliloquize about each other.
And they’re just so young.

Romeo & Juliet Fuck

Romeo & Juliet gets a bad rap. Probably because
on the surface it’s about children having wild
sex for two days before an entirely avoidable

But it’s really about how watching sexualy-charged
young people want to eat each other.

It’s addictive and reminds us of all those sublime
and exhausting times we found someone intoxicating.

Fucking Yoga

Do you like being on top during sex,
but want the experience to be more
intimate and satisfying.

You should try the lotus position.
It’s a modified version of the
classic cowgirl position.

Instead of lying back, the guy sits up
and the woman wraps her legs around him,
taking full command of the situation.

A Dream Fucking Position

The lotus position has its roots in the Kama Sutra,
the ancient Sanskrit guide to sex and holistic living.

Because of the angle, it’s
essentially a clutch move for women

It promotes a kind of motion that many women
respond to sexually, which is a slow rocking
and grinding movement that directly stimulates
the clitoris.

Arch your back a little so your vulva and clitoris
shift forward and lie flat against your partner’s
lower abdomen and pelvis.

Gyrate and grind against him in small circles,
feeling the orgasmic rush of pleasure sensations
from the sensitive nerve endings of your
clitoris and inner vulva being stimulated.

Also, you’re able to freely touch each
other’s bodies with your hands and lips.

You’re in an upright position, but it requires less
movement than the typical man- or woman-on-top position.

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