Sexual Arousal

Her Sexual Arousal

Increased Sexual Excitement

Certain regions in a woman’s
brain are activated when
she smells “sexual sweat.”

It’s the sweat excreted by men
when they fuck, masturbate
or watch erotic videos.

Why do I sweat a lot during sex?

Sexual arousal includes increased heart beat,
rapid heavy breathing, dilation of blood vessels
(causing the skin to flush or blush) and
increased adrenaline.

All these processes raise body
temperature, triggering sweat.

Sex is a sport. Sweating is good
for you. Stay in shape. Have more sex.

sweaty fuck

If you strip away the social stigma involved
in casual sex you’ll find women say yes to
immediate gratification as often as men.

Yet another new study indicates that women are more aroused
by strangers than turned on by situations with a steady lover.

Emotional intimacy is a great precursor to sex but you
can’t generalise. It’s not a requirement for all women.

The stereotype that men are usually the sexual initiators
may not be totally accurate. Primatologists have shown that
female monkeys are much more sexually aggressive than males.

This research combined with the interviews with women suggest
this stereotype may just be the result of our culture.

Women’s Sexual Desire: The Animal Truth

Psychologists are working to expose the ‘animal truth of female
desire. The research, which uses a plethysmograph, a miniature
bulb and light sensor placed in the vagina, suggests women’s
desire is as omnivorous as men’s.

They’re equally aroused by a range of pornography and are far
more responsive to stories involving strangers than long-time lovers.
Yet when asked to rate their arousal, women downplay it, particularly
when the stimuli aren’t socially acceptable.

Physical Arousal

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