Favorite Fetish

Anyone for a Gang-Bang?

“Are there people who aren’t turned on by gang bang porn?”
my friend responded when I asked if she was. Touché.

Having a gang bang fantasy is normal.

A lot of women and men fantasise about having sex
with more than one man at the same time,

Many fantasise about having sex with
more than one woman at the same time.
(A gang bang, by the way, can be but
doesn’t have to be a bunch of cis men.

I like to define a gang bang as one person
being fucked by more than two people.

Despite the popularity of gang-bang
fantasies, they’re still stigmatized.

You may experience more anxiety
telling your partner you watch
gang-bang porn than, say, anal.

Watching porn is a safe way to explore
from a distance. Gang bang porn is something
a lot of people, whether they realize it
or not, are aroused by.

The idea of group play, or multiple sexual
partners simultaneously, has become
mainstream enough for people to be curious,
but it’s still taboo enough to be exciting.

Fetish Fantasy from stevedietgoedde on Vimeo.

Watching Women Pee

piss i get a kick
A lot of people want to psychoanalyze fetishes and try
to figure out why people are turned on by specific things.

But with most fetishes, there typically aren’t
concrete reasons why someone likes what they like.

Your partner may have had an early experience
with pee that stuck with him into his adult life.

Or it may be a completely random
thing that he just happens to enjoy.

There are lots of different reasons why
people like piss play. Some people like
the taboo nature of it. It feels naughty
and forbidden, which makes it appealing.

Other people like the power dynamic of it.
Having someone pee on you is a pretty
intense form of being dominated.

Some people like the visual aspect.
The bottom line is that it’s normal
and healthy and fine to enjoy piss play.

Omorashi, from the Japanese word for “wet yourself”
is a fetish that involves being sexually aroused by the
discomfort of a full bladder.

Like any fetish, it has varying degrees of extremity.
Some members of the omorashi community experience
arousal by encouraging someone to develop a full
bladder, while others can orgasm after watching
someone lose bladder control and experience the
relief and embarrassment that comes with it.

Favorite Fetish

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