Sexual Excitement

Flaunt Your Sexuality

When a woman flaunts her figure, she’s not
necessarily seeking to elicit a reaction
from a man but she is empowering herself.

A woman’s morals and intelligence aren’t
correlated to how she presents herself.
And, hey, if you’ve got it, flaunt it.

Virginity, a word that is so often tossed around
in the media and within groups of prepubescent kids
in school hallways, questions today’s modernization.

Virginity is seen as shameful in boys,
but crucial in girls.

Men, from a young age, are conditioned to attain,
conquer, and possess. If you’re a man and virgin,
you’re seen as inferior.

Yet girls are taught to hold on tight to their
virginity: protect your body. It’s a temple.

Oh, and make sure to wear those chastity rings
so that boys know you’re saving yourself for marriage.

The same standards should apply to both sexes.
Feel free to experiment. Get some experience.

Flaunt It from Dmitry Kartsev on Vimeo

Lesbian Threesome

Timati feat. Craig David – Sex In The Bathroom from HOODYAKOV production on Vimeo.

Bathroom sex refers to engaging in sexual
activities in the bathroom or toilet, either private
or public. Bathroom sex occurs in many parts of the
world and in many places, including stores, hotels,
bars, restaurants, airplanes, and universities.

Bathroom sex is depicted in many films. There is
specific jargon which is applied the initiating
and having sex in a bathroom, as well as the sex
positions that are most commonly used.

According to anthropologist Helen Fisher, when a
person is in the bathtub with another person, they
have removed their “defenses”. Therefore, every
touch during this time becomes a lot more intimate.

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