Object of Desire

Full Lips in a Woman [Sexual Trigger]

Her Pout Reminds Me [Swollen Labia]. Gorgeous Young Things.
He Uses Me for His Own Gratification. Sex in Suburbia.
Sex Text Porn

Her Pout
Reminds Me
[Swollen Labia]

i cant take my eyes off her luscious lips

Duck face is a photographic pose, well known
on profile pictures on social networks.

Lips are pressed together as in a pout and
often with simultaneously sucked cheeks.

The pose is most often seen as an attempt to appear
alluring, but also as a self-deprecating, ironic
gesture making fun of the pose.

It may be associated with sympathy,
attractiveness, friendliness or stupidity.

Full lips offer a significant sexual trigger.
Think of the external appearance of your cunt.

Those lips, right? Picture them engorged during
exciting foreplay. No wonder men are turned on
by full facial lips. An obvious sexual trigger.


Gorgeous Young Things

At the ripe age of twenty, Fanny is emerging
with intent, style, and grace. ‘Drop Dead Gorgeous’
is as intoxicating as it is intense.

It’s spellbinding trip through intimate fantasy which
empowers and opens our minds to new concepts just
right for a progressive, forward-thinking society.

Her allure stems from her embrace of the dark
and sultry, her refusal to conform, and her
dedication to artistic integrity and creativity.

‘Noir-pop’ may describe her sound today, but we can
say with near certainty that she’ll make new music
that demands new adjectives.

In the short time that she’s been sharing her music
with the world, this 20-year-old has convinced us
she’s willing, ready, and able to push herself
and find comfort in the unknown.

A vice, a guilty pleasure, and a dirty little secret,
‘Drop Dead Gorgeous is Fanny’s passionate power-move.

He Uses
Me for Sex

I’ve just spent the past year of my life
seeing a married man. We had a whirlwind
romance and found each other sexy, funny
and interesting. We loved each other passionately.

The problem we had was that although
I would have left my husband to be with my lover,
he still loved his wife. He’s been married for
30 years and has two grown-up children.

I began thinking that maybe he was just using me
for sex and had no intention of ever leaving his wife.
So I ended our relationship, which broke my heart.


Sex in Suburbia

Sex should set you on fire, so that an
unrecognised side of yourself comes alive.

Are you ready to free your inner goddess,
unlock your sex life and discover new pleasures?

From turning your bedroom into a ‘Red Room
of Pleasure and Pain’ to exploring the fine
art of Japanese rope bondage, these edgy
and erotic adventures make incredible sex easy.

This is BDSM for nice people living
in suburbia. Naughtiness without risk.
But that’s the bourgeoisie for you.

Sex in Suburbia

Sex Text Porn

Sexting is the first original form of porn
to emerge in the 21st century. It may have
disappeared from the public spotlight, but
it hasn’t disappeared from public life.

Sexting is the original form of DIY or user-
generated-content media. It’s pure amateur porn.

Sexting Goes

Sexting began as a subversive art, with young people taking, sending and receiving explicit nude, semi-nude and provocative still images, video clips and/or text messages of themselves and others via a smartphone or another mobile communication device.

It’s a postmodern aesthetic with roots reaching back to pre-modern forms of female representation, from the original 17th century “posture girl.”

Between 10 and 20 percent of teens engage in sexting, but they are only the tip of an increasingly popular social phenomenon.

Sexting is going suburban and vanilla. Like “adult” porn, it’s being accepted as just one more of the 50 shades of sexual titillation.

Sexting emerged as a form of amateur porn about a twenty years ago and originally subverted the dominant porn conventions in (for the most part) three ways.

First, it involved teen makers and viewers, not adults (e.g., sex predators); second, it involved erotic display and not explicit sex acts (e.g., fellatio, intercourse); and third, it was a non-commercial form of enticement (i.e., not a product for sale).

Sexting continues as a form of teen flirting, something essentially by and for young people and freely exchanged, a gift.

However, sexting seems to be increasingly adopted as part of the postmodern adult sex scene, and as it goes mainstream it is losing its critical edge.

In the U.S., “noncommercial” sexual relations between consenting adults are not illegal. One can easily imagine sexts becoming the next intimate Valentine’s card or seductive private message, the latest personal turn-on. Who needs chocolates when one can send a sext?

Sexting has already been integrated into the commercial sex industry? Sex is big business in the U.S., estimated at $50 billion in annual revenue.

Sex saturates the marketplace, whether promoting personal satisfaction or glamorizing a product, be it a new car or a mouthwash.

Sexting illustrates the power of technological innovation and, sadly, of how a once-radical, DIY form of self-expression is being recuperated, integrated into the commercial economy.

The marketplace has perfected the art of turning the most intimate human exchange into a commodity. The only unanswered question is what intimacy remains to be plundered?

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