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Fresh Squeezed! Limon™ blends our revolutionary
Squeeze Control (the harder you squeeze, the
stronger the vibrations) with customizable
Smart Memory and an approachable design.

The result is a spontaneous experience
that’s just as much fun to use with a
partner as it is on your own.

Next-generation sex toys have started to appear
in the marketplace. Take the Limon,
a sleek lemon-shaped vibrator that could be
sold at the MoMA gift store [image below].

Released this month by Minna Life, a design firm based
in (where else?) San Francisco, it is billed as a tactile
“couples’ vibrator” which can record and customize intensity levels.

RealTouch, a USB-connected sex toy is said to have been designed by a former NASA engineer that promises “interactive sex” with another person over the Internet. It comes in two parts: one modeled after a woman’s lower anatomy, and one modeled after a man’s.

Designed to be paired with a webcam, one device captures sensations (using technology that is similar to that of a touch screen) and then transmits it digitally to the other, as if the two were in the same room.

Other trends include: “long distance foreplay,” in which partners need not be in the same room; sophisticated “relationship forensics” systems that can comb through a partner’s hookup history. Teledildonics,” sex toys operated by computer technology. And bedroom data mining that purports to metricize sexual performance and even love.

While the high-tech gizmos get the most attention, it’s really the person-to-person technologies extending our sexual reach that remain the most popular (see apps like Grindr, Tinder and even Instagram, which recently added a new feature that allows users to send private images directly to each other).

“People don’t want technology to inhibit the sexual experience. It’s not going to work unless it’s seamless feeling. At the end of the day, actual people want to be in an actual room having actual sex. The act itself hasn’t changed — at least not yet.

Teenage Girls & Sex Toys

How to Hype a Sex Toy

What makes our vibrator a wonderful
masturbatory experience? What can
promise intense orgasms for women?

Gently build up to the level of stimulation
that is right for you. 10 different levels
ensures the right level of stimulation
now & in the future.

Not only does The Intensity Stimulator provide
deep pelvic muscle stimulation, it also has a
clitoral vibrator and a g-spot vibrator.

Pumping up the patented inflatable 5.25 inch shaft
from 1.25 inches to 2.5 inches provides you with
a feeling of fullness & allows for the best c
ontact area for muscle stimulation.

With 100% medical-grade hypoallergenic
silicone and patented electro muscle
stimulation, Intensity can be found
in many healthcare facilities across the nation.

Intense Orgasms
for Women

What a fucking pitch! Can I test-drive it?

Intensity™ uses specially designed electrodes and a patented customizable shaft to ensure the perfect fit for you. The device creates a gentle tingling sensation within the vaginal muscle and the user decides which of the 10 levels of intensity is right for them.

It is recommended that Intensity be fully inserted with the stimulation power off. Inflate Intensity until comfortably snug. When ready to experience stimulation, use the arrow keys to begin your journey.

Take time to enjoy the pulsating sensations at each level before advancing. Once you have reached your pleasure point, there is no need to go any higher.

– encourages pelvic muscle contractions that replicates what is experienced during orgasm. Stronger pelvic floor muscles result in more frequent and more intense orgasms. Intensity not only feels good, but is good for you.

– uses a revolutionary design that ensures a perfect fit for every woman. The medical grade, phthalate-free silicone rubber inflates via an ergonomically positioned hand pump.

– allows you to adjust the size of the shaft. The inflation ensures the G-spot stimulator is properly positioned and there is no chance that Intensity will slip during use.

– unique design and customizable features ensure that it will be the perfect toy for any woman, but her partner can benefit too.

– mimics intercourse and is an ideal device for foreplay. After using it, you and your partner will notice increased vaginal muscle tone. It’s sure to please!

– not just a vibrator but also a device designed using scientific research to provide intimate pleasure while improving the user’s sexual health.

– offers 4 customizable areas of sensation. It’s the only toy available with a customizable shaft, pelvic muscle stimulation, g-spot vibration and clitoral vibration.

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