Gender Fluidity

Gender Fluid. He was a She

Trans Everything. I’m

In schools willing to teaching an inclusive form
of sex education, lessons are often geared towards
LGBTQ teens, including sex which isn’t always vaginal,
gender identity and sexual orientation.

Don’t confuse gender,
sex and sexuality.

It’s important to understand the differences to better
identify questions you may have about yourself and
be able to discuss these issues in the correct way
with other people you may encounter.

Sexual orientation describes a person’s
romantic or sexual attraction toward others—whether
it be heterosexual (male and female), homosexual
(female and female or male and male), or bisexual
(attracted to both males and females).

Some people feel like they are born with a sexual
orientation and have always known, while others
feel like sexual orientation may evolve over
the course of their lives.

Sexual identity refers to how a person
chooses to express their sexuality to others.

Typically, sexual identity will be an expression
of a person’s underlying sexual orientation.

But sexual orientation and sexual identity don’t
always match. Sexual health information from the
Kinsey Institute describes how some people choose
a sexual identity that makes a political statement.

For example, somebody who’s bisexual (attracted to
both males and females) may refer to themselves
as pansexual (attracted to people regardless of
biological sex, gender, or gender identity)
to show support for transgender and intersex people.

People who identify as heterosexual can still
experience a level of attraction to their same sex.

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Sex refers to a person’s physical
anatomy or genetics. This usually refers to
reproductive anatomy or genitalia the person has.

There can be a difference between the person’s
assigned sex at birth and what gender they
identify with later in life.

Gender is used to describe a person’s
internal sense of being male, female, both, or neither.

It is a social identity based on culturally defined
concepts of masculinity and femininity.

Gender does not always coincide with sex.
A person could have reproductive female
anatomy but identify as a man.


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