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Ginger Spice [Best Sex Advice]

Don’t you feel we’re drowning in sex advice?
Columns, books, articles. How to jazz up your
monogamous sex life. Come here for best sex
advice. Have an affair.

Redheaded women are more sexually active,
had more partners and more frequent sex.

Women who dyed their hair red were signalling
they wanted a sexual partner

Even women in a fixed relationship are letting
their partners know they are unhappy if they
dye their hair red, suggesting they’re
looking for something better.

ginger spice

Best Sex Advice: Make Money out of It

There are many reason why students sell sex.
Covering tuition fees, paying rent and buying
food are high on the list.

Offering support to student sex workers
seems not only compassionate but vital.

When the topic is sex work, however,
all rationality went out of the window
when a Sex Work Outreach Project set
up a stand at the University of
Brighton’s freshers’ week fair.

They were neither “offering advice on how to become
a prostitute” nor claiming sex work is aspirational.

Its presence at freshers’ week was simply an acknowledgement
that student sex workers exist and that they deserve support.

“We’ve never idealised sex work. We understand why
students may turn to sex work, and navigating the
legal precariousness as well as potential danger
mean that students are extra vulnerable. We will help.”

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Sex Work

The media portrayal of sex workers has sold the image of them as immoral, dirty and damaged.

This has been constructed on stereotypes the media itself has created over many years. The use of sex workers to sell this concept has been used as a ideological tool in the conservative battle against ‘immorality’.

The more enlightened see sex work as an appropriate phrase for the exchange of sexual services for money. Others see “prostituted women”, universally exploited and abused, and denied their worth as “full citizens”.

This reeks of the sort of 1970s feminism in which women were free to do and be as they pleased, provided their sisters approved.

When there’s an attempt to legalise, decriminalise or better regulate sex work, we find an unseemly alliance of radical feminists and conservative Christian churches acting hand-in-hand to circumvent any changes that would empower sex workers.

Male Sex Workers

Most narrow-minded people think is no such thing as a male sex worker but twice as many men as women are paid for sex. Of those, two-thirds had been paid for sex by another man and the remaining third were paid for sex by a woman.

The very idea of men being paid for sex, most particularly by women, has no place in the analyses of sex work.

Moral crusaders consider sexual intimacy a sacred act and should never involve a commercial transaction. That every sexual act between a man and his wife should be procreative.

And that some right-wing feminists believe that all sex workers are victims of the patriarchy and have no real say in their lives.

Sex work is a valid individual choice and practice. It’s important in a more open society to help people stay physically healthy and emotionally safe, no matter how they make a living.

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