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Daddy’s Girl:
Electra Complex

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This is the process where young girls develop
a sexual attraction to the male parent.

This occurs during the phallic phase in Freud’s
Psychosexual Development phases.

During this, the child will start
to fixate on the opposite sex parent.

Daddy’s girl implies possession
over an individual.

When this is ingrained into
the head of a young girl can
be damaging because it implies
they’re are owned by their father.

With the sexualisation of the word “daddy” it
can be particularly harmful to young girls
trying to figure out their sexuality.

Let’s Go Wild

wild one

Watching Girls Go to School

Feel the Frisson
[a surge of excitement]

Tasty Morsel [titbit]

sex itch

Disney Disease:
Believing Life is
a Fairy Tale

Sugar Daddies

A sugar daddy (slang term), a man who
offers support (typically financial
and material) to a younger companion

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He love he give me all his money
That Gucci Prada comfy
My sugar daddy
He love me he put no one above me
These bitches wanna judge me
But I don’t care

Lookin back on the boys that I dated
All the popular boys overrated
Gimme brains money bags if he’s ancient
I’m a young lady takin donations
CEO might take me on trips
Pack a suit might have a few ships
Love a waitress chasin them tips
But I’mma escort countin his chips
Got a lot bitch, on a yacht bitch
In the tropics

Other girls hang around for some cheap wine
Used to think I was down but I do mind
It’s really kind but for me love is really blind
Only want a love where the card never decline
Never had no complication
And the terms stay clear as my skin
Caviar in the yard for the win
Which car do I take for a spin?
Got my new hips, and my new tits
New life who dis

If he’s paying I’ll take the oysters
I’m saying I got some pointers
My baby is my employer
My baby knows how to spoil her

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