Give Her More Foreplay

Go Down for Sex Play:
Do You Want to Come?

May I Butt In? Like to Join in? Fancy a Threesome?
I Want to Come Inside You. Sex Toys: Tools of the Trade.

He starts taking my clothes off,
then pushes my head toward his
dick. No words, just a gesture.

Promptly after giving him head, he tries to stick
his dick inside me, which to no surprise is fucking
impossible because of the complete lack of foreplay.

He lies beside me, satisfied. He thinks
his dick is too big to fit inside me.

I lie beside him, satisfied I didn’t
fuck such a cocky asshole.

Instead of wasting his time posting some
fake-woke nonsense on Facebook, he should
take a moment to read a Reddit thread
on how to eat a woman out.

This guy I sleep with knows I’m not on birth control,
nor do we use condoms (problems with me and my health).

Lately, he’s been saying each time we have
sex that he wants to come inside me.

I don’t know how to respond to this.
He’s mentioned before he’ wanted to marry me.

I wonder if this is his way of trying to get me to think
of having a child with him? He wouldn’t just come out
and say that if he wanted it.

He’s a little reserved with his feelings. Yet his
persistence with saying the same thing makes me wonder
if it’s his way of asking me to bear his child.

How would you interpret this? And how do I respond to it?
My gut reaction is to let him come wherever he wants and
encourage it. You can see why I might be confused.

I Want to Come Inside You

Sex Play: Do You
Want to Come?

Think about sex as if you’re in
a playground. You and your partner
figure out what to do there.

Nothing says you have to go down the slide.
Maybe you’ll just want to sit on the bench
or swing a little bit.

You get to decide as you go along
about how you want to play together.

It’s the outing that counts, not the actual
activities you engage in once you’re there.

If you can focus on playing together and not worry
about the outcome, you can enjoy your outing and
your sense of connection with each other.

You will likely find that some of the time you end up more
interested in sex than you would have predicted, just
because you got into it once the expectations were removed.

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Sexy Playtime

Sexy Playtime from Yossip Kazsmer on Vimeo.