Moral Outrage

Google Bans Sex

Sex Mix: Google Bans Sex.
Every Woman’s Beautiful [Irony]
Android Sex. Fucking a Robot.
The Future of Prostitution.

Have You Been Fucking Googled?

Have the Christian fundies got to the search
engine controlling our lives? There’s no “sex”
at the Googleplex.

Type or swipe the word on the latest version of
Android’s Google Keyboard — or for that matter
“intercourse,” “coitus,” “screwing” or even “lovemaking” —
and the web giant’s predictive algorithm will offer no help.

These are just a few examples from an obsessive
and often baffling list of more than 1,400 English
words Google has decided inappropriate for Android users.

Every Woman’s Beautiful

Every Woman’s Beautiful from Why I Dance Film on Vimeo.

A Taste of Irony: How to be a Beautiful Woman

– Be thin
– Be able to cook
– Have long hair
– Wear make-up
– Be feminine
– Be graceful
– Be Sensual
– Shave (should without saying)
– Be fashionable
– Wear pink and feminine colors
– Love men
– Listen to men

Stay classy ladies!

Android Sex

Fucking a Robot

Sex robots with fully functioning genitalia
cost up to £12,000. The next generation of
dolls are likely to be hyper realistic with
features never seen before.

They’ll have built-in heaters which create genuine
body warmth and sensors that can react to touch.

The Future of Prostitution

Sex robots are the future of prostitution. Sex machines will be
available in brothels by 2050, so not too many years to wait.

These robot prostitutes will allow people
to participate in guilt-free, clean sex.

The snag is that the cost of a night of passion
with a sex robot would be expensive. Perhaps as
much as $9,500, not including other services.

There are other positives besides guilt-free sex.
Android prostitutes will help stop sex trafficking.

By 2050, Amsterdam’s red light district will
all be about android prostitutes who are clean
of sexual transmitted infections.

All androids are made of bacteria-resistant fiber,
guaranteeing no sexually transmitted diseases
are transferred between consumers.

So far the focus has been on male needs.
Women might well be interested.

She’ll Never Say No

Sex robot Tracy is supposedly a “hyper-realistic” woman-like fuck partner. She allegedly knows 1,000 jokes, none of which would kill a boner. And now she’s been programmed to pretend to have a headache.

If she feels “disrespected” — say, if someone aggressively hits on her — she can say no, entering an unresponsive state called “dummy mode,” SyFy reports.

Here’s where it gets so creepy it’s almost too lifelike: There’s nothing stopping users from having sex with her anyway.

It’s not as if her genitalia comes equipped with a swift iron gate that prevents penetration, or a set of hidden vagina dentata.

She lies there, unable to do what a real woman could do in a real-life forced sexual encounter.

Won’t this just be a boon to necrophiliacs or “starfishers” who prefer a motionless lay?

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