Period Sex

Having Sex During Your Period

The Pleasure of Period Sex. Natural Birth Control.
Men Need to Face the Reality of Menstruation
What’s a Bit of Blood between Friends with Benefits?

There’s extra

Some women say sex during their
period feels even better than usual.

They don’t need to worry about
dryness or use a personal lubricant.

It can feel really great for both
partners because it makes things
naturally slippery and wet,

Have Sex
During Your

The Pleasure
of Period Sex

Natural Birth Control:
Have Sex During Your Period

For something that is rarely discussed,
menstrual sex is a multi-dimensional
experience which offers many benefits
to the intrepid ladies and gentlemen
willing to brave the red tide!

First of all, it’s an invitation to raw-dog
with the monogamous or trusted partner
of your choosing.

And for ladies that enjoy sexual congress with
men but decline to take chemical birth control.

Men Need to face
the reality of

It’s also a helpful measurement of a heterosexual’s
long-term potential, maturity, and seaworthiness.

Because on a long enough timeline,
every man has to once or twice dig
deep and face the reality of menstruation.

You know, that horrifying reality that women
deal with every single month for a huge portion
of their lives, without all that much recognition or fanfare.

And of course, there is the most
tangible benefit. Sometimes you’re
on your period and you really
need to get some.

You know what I mean, ladies.
Don’t be shy. I have them too.

Blood-Spattered Scene

Actually it’s not the squeamishness
of immature sex partners that inhibits
the vibe during our periods.

It’s the risk of destroying our bedding.
It’s hard to really get your swerve on
when you’re worried about leaving your
bedroom looking like a CSI scene.
It makes sleeping in the wet spot seem tame.

this should hang in the guggenheim

Period Sex Blanket

Thinx are specialists in absorbent
underwear to be worn in lieu of disposable feminine
hygiene products for period menses.

They have now addressed the hot topic of getting
off without getting it on your bedding.

You can now buy a four-layer absorbent
‘Period Sex Blanket’, designed to catch
the fallout while you get down and dirty.

Caution. It’s quite expensive. You can always
share it with girlfriends or use a bath towel.

Female Biology

It’s great to have an alternative to my current
solution of performing menstrual sex in a crude,
dirt-floored backyard hut made of sticks and animal fur,

We are long overdue in mainstreaming this
quotidian function of female biology which
is probably going on somewhere in your vicinity
right now. Ride ‘em, cowgirl!

One of my intimate girl-friends told me: “I think period sex fuck yeah. More please! I am so horny on my period. And to be totally honest I like the down’n’dirty aspect of it. I think guys who can’t get into it have body shame issues they need to work through or are gay.”

Yeah, whereas girls who can’t get into it are either worried about the mattress or annoyed that they’re being forced to do it in the shower!

Menstrual blood, the very lining of my life-giving uterus, is somehow considered dirtier than the gooey pre-smegma that comes from the tips of dicks every day. But then again, men are generally afforded more leeway in terms of their bodies than women, so why should I be surprised.

I want nothing to do with a man who refuses to fuck me while I’m on the rag. I bleed, therefore I am. And if you want my vagina, you have to accept her as she is, which is sometimes with chunks of clot and other uterus crap coming out of her.

I’ve found that most women agree with me—refusing period sex is deal breaker. Given that a penis isn’t exactly a romp in a field of roses (have you ever smelled one of those things after a day in the pants?

It’s that really honky smell, like flesh that’s just got too warm and too sweaty, a bit like feet but with a faint aroma of urine), it seems hypocritical for a man to shun a bloodied vagina.

My body and its various functions are no more or less wonderful or awkward than a man’s. And just to be clear, I have a giant dildo in my bedside table that isn’t going to kick up a fuss about a drop of blood so think before you begrudge me menstrual sex.

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