Are Her Breasts For Real?

Real breasts are mostly fat, which gives them
a jiggle quality; if they look more like solid
muscle, you may be ogling a pair of fake ones.

What’s it like
to have big

It varies from person to person, of course. I personally
don’t go around all the time thinking about them, but
they do require my attention from time to time.

Most of what I’m going to mention really only applies
to women with large breasts, particularly those who
wear cup sizes in the F+ size range.

They draw attention–and not just from heterosexual men.
When I enter a room, it’s always boobs-first. When I look
down, I can’t see the lower part of my body.

They can’t be hidden from view. They are always going
to be the first thing a person notices about me.

Bigger Boobs

Breast augmentations have tripled in the past 20 years. Surgeons performed 101,176 breast augmentations in 1999, and 472,848 in 2019.

The trend doesn’t just speak to America’s love affair with “big, fake boobs.” There’s a silver lining to why women are going in for more breast implants these days: The option is now more accessible for breast cancer survivors.

The Women’s Health and Cancer Rights Act began requiring health insurance plans that cover mastectomies to also foot the bill for reconstructive surgeries, many of which involve implanting the same saline and silicone prostheses favored by The Big Boob Brigade.

As breast implants become normalized for cancer survivors, more women will have access to this option. It’s just another reason why we should reconsider the stigma against all-American fake boobs.

Real or Fake? How
to Spot the

You’ve probably wondered this more than a few times while checking out a turn-on at the bar. Since you can’t just test-drive her breasts you’ll have to have to rely on the tell-tale signs, sometimes hard to spot.

Most breasts aren’t perfect orbs and they usually aren’t identical. Be on the lookout for the way they hold in place as she moves around (especially her arms), and how they stay almost the same dimension — instead of flattening out — whether she reaches back or even stretches.

Watch out for women wearing a constrictive bra to make them come together. The overall shape will still not look right. With such a bra, you won’t be able to notice the outer circles contouring the breasts.

On the topic of odd breast shapes, the top of her breasts are bubbled up, just like bubble butts. Fake boobs defy gravity, so they might look like they’re bubbling up. Natural breasts follow a more natural sliding curve line from top to bottom.

Real breasts are mostly fat, which gives them a jiggle quality; if they look more like solid muscle, you may be in the presence of a pair of fake ones.

If they look like balloons that are about to burst, beware. Real boobs do grow with weight gain, but the skin has time to grow with the fat.

Breasts should be at about armpit height. But some bad breast jobs start them way too high on the chest, as if she has two flotation devices strapped to her chin.

If a woman is not wearing a bra and sports C-sized orbs that stand up, then it’s pretty easy to figure out. The hard ones to pick out are the B cups. They can look real but then you need to spot small abnormalities that a normal breast wouldn’t have.

Closer to Natural


In the Mix

Men have a fascination with women’s breasts.
Perhaps that is why the female chest is forever
on display everywhere — from restaurants to
nudist magazines, to beer or car advertisements.

The Psychology of Sex suggests there’s
an evolutionary basis for male’s fascination
with female breasts.

Tracing it back to human evolution, female
breasts only became a significant factor
in attraction when human beings started
walking upright.

Before we started walking on two legs, the biggest source
of visual excitement for men was the female buttocks.

However, when we stood up, the buttocks were no longer
as prominently displayed. As a result, the breasts
became bigger and more pendulous to mimic the visual
appeal of the buttocks.

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