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Her Sexual Drive Runs Riot

In contrast to male libido, so-called evolutionary psychology claims that the female sexual drive and intensity are linked with closeness, intimacy and monogamy.

But the female sex drive is if anything less discriminating and more promiscuous than the male drive.

If women weren’t restrained by punitive social norms, they’d stop all the “nesting” and the getting men to nest.

They’d be out relentlessly seeking as much sex as they could possibly get from as many different partners.

Unlike men, when women go out looking for sex, they’re pretty much sure to find it. Without those punitive social norms, families, and thus society, would collapse in a spree of sexual immediacy.

Come Inside Me

Want a Ride?

Cream of Erotica

Are You a Cunnilinguist Too?

Naked Lunch

La Petite Mort
The Sensation of Orgasm

French phrase literally meaning “the little death”.
“The brief loss or weakening of consciousness.”

Modern usage refers specifically to “the sensation
of post orgasm likened to death.

Perhaps, we wine and dine and experience
sex as methods to procreate without being
riddled with our most basic fear: death.

Sexuality in the raw physical sense of
the word is the ultimate loss.

It’s a hormone-driven activity,
rendering you a temporary piece of meat
in an ongoing biological process for which
you are literally just a gene machine.

There’s a sense in which the very act
of sex reminds us of our mortality.

Today’s BDSM Culture


Today’s BDSM community is identified less by the sexual rituals
or fetishist play they engage in as by the toys and tools,
gear and outfits, that they collect, display, and expertly use.

Sadism & Masochism has become just another
form of conspicuous consumption, sharing much
with those into Harley bikes or muscle cars.

This is a profoundly disappointing development,
signaling the further integration of sexual
deviance, as an old-fashioned perversion
and form of transgression, into a marketplace
indulgence. It signals a new phase of repression.

What If You Encounter
a Cougar in the Wild?

If you see a cougar in the wild, be sure
to make eye contact and get her attention.

When she notices you, don’t be afraid to
go over to her and start communicating.
Don’t worry, she won’t bite.

Taming the Cougar

If a cougar shows up at your front door,
consider yourself lucky. Invite her in,
offer her something to drink. Before
long she’ll be eating out of your hand.

Most cougars are only too eager to be tamed.

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