How Many Ways Can a Woman Orgasm?

How long does it take the average straight woman
to orgasm? The key number? From 14 to 15 minutes.

Penetrative sex is rarely the best way to get
a woman off. Only 30 percent climax this way.

hype female orgasm

orgasm areas

Apart from Pleasure

What do female orgasms and male nipples have in common?
It’s a question that is helping inform research into
the purpose of female orgasm other Is there more than
simply as a form of pleasure?

Is the female orgasm is an “adaptation” or “byproduct” of evolution?
Does the female orgasm, like the male orgasm, have its
own evolutionary raison d’etre and contribute directly to
reproductive success? Or is it just a bonus?

This question of whether the female orgasm is an adaptation or a byproduct has created a lot of conjecture. One theory involves “pair bonding,” the idea that orgasm bonds a couple emotionally so that they’re more likely to pursue parenthood.

Another theory claims that female orgasm is a part of mate selection: A woman will choose her mate based on his ability to bring her to climax.

The third main theory involves the belief that the contractions of female orgasm will draw sperm up the reproductive tract and into the uterus.

If her orgasm was an adaptation the vast majority of women would come every time. But women don’t experience orgasm as a result of intercourse alone, or do so inconsistently,

If the female orgasm, like the male orgasm, was essential to the propagation of humanity, wouldn’t it need to occur consistently via sexual intercourse?

Instead, we should view the female orgasm through the lens of the “byproduct” theory, which holds that orgasm is a trait that is so heavily selected in males (reproduction wouldn’t happen without it) that women retain an inherent capacity.

After all, men and women are physiologically the same during the first eight weeks of gestation: Penises grow out, clitorises grow in, but they share the same organic structure and tissue.

It is crucial to note that the penis and the clitoris are the ‘same’ organ in men and women. The nervous and erectile tissues involved in orgasm in both sexes arose from a common embryological source.”

This same byproduct theory also explains why men have nipples: The biological necessity of nursing our young makes the nipple so highly selected in women that male embryos develop immature structures as an evolutionary byproduct.

Similar to the clitoris, the male nipple contains highly sensitive tissue that contributes to male sexual arousal and pleasure. Male nipples: arousing? Yes. Necessary? No.

All this debate of adaptation vs. byproduct shouldn’t really matter to the average person who just wants to enjoy orgasms. The problem, though, is that we tend to believe that what’s “natural” is better, even orgasms.

If we do argue that the female orgasm is some sort of “evolutionary norm,” then what should be said of all the women who do not orgasm consistently – that they are somehow not normal?

If we stop thinking of female orgasms as something that should naturally result from intercourse, then we can also stop feeling that there’s one right way to have orgasms. In this sense, the byproduct theory offers a more expansive and encompassing view of female sexuality.

Unfortunately the term “byproduct” doesn’t exactly resonate with a sense of the exalted, so perhaps we should stick to a more recent rephrasing of the female orgasm as a ‘fantastic bonus’.

Who Needs
a Man to Come?

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