Uninhibited Sex

How to Get Pregnant: Have Wild Sex

Banging Sex Makes Babies

So-called banging sex, where both partners make
the effort to ensure their partner has a satisfying
experience, greatly boosts the chances of having a baby.

Better sex improves the quality and quantity of
the sperm while stronger orgasms in a woman makes
the sperm more likely to fertilise the egg.


The sex should be as wild and thrilling as it was
when you first met, when you weren’t thinking
about babies to give them the maximum possible
chance of having one.

A normal man produces some 250 million sperm during sex.
Greater stimulation through gourmet sex can increase
this number by 50 per cent and boosts the quality of the sperm.

Healthier sperm swim better through the female
reproductive tract giving them a greater chance
of fusing with the egg to start a new life.

Greater sexual excitement in women not only creates
stronger orgasms, it also boosts fertility.

When a woman experiences an orgasm, the intensity of the
muscular contractions she has during the big pressure
changes going on in her body helps to pull or suck up
the sperm into her cervix and from there into the uterus.

Bring out the Beast

Women want to be being desired in a very primal way.
It’s a point my female friend strongly identified.

She told me that one of the best things about her
current relationship was how strongly desired
her boyfriend made her feel, both physically and
intellectually. At the same time she felt respected and cared for.

Wham Bang

She said it was important for her to be desired physically.
She enjoyed rigorous even rough sex. “There’s little point
in a mean being gentle with me. A fuck is a fuck.

If it isn’t primitive it isn’t going to excite me.”

The Bliss of Sex

Bliss: A feeling of well-being which goes beyond sensual
pleasure and is caused by a change of consciousness.

Perhaps earlier you felt stressed and worried,
as if your life was full of problems—but often
after sex, everything seems miraculously different.

Your problems seem to have disappeared. You seem
to be glowing inwardly, as if a kind of dynamo
has been switched on inside you, filling you
with a feeling of completeness and serenity.

Wild Sex: The Animal in Us

Most women have a sexual beast waiting to be stirred.
If you haven’t seen her wilder side, it’s your failure.

Think of kinks as a wall of candy in clear plastic bins.
Even if you think she doesn’t have a sweet tooth,
there will be one candy in the store that will make
her change her mind.

For most women, there are even several. It’s your job to
diligently try them all with her. Dirty talk leave a
bitter taste in her mouth?

Maybe role-playing is more her style. Maybe she has
a thing for spankings. It’s your job to figure out
what her flavor of choice is. Encourage her to indulge.

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