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How to Handle Sex

Indulge in Sex

Lechery is defined as excessive or unrestrained
indulgence in sexual activity or sexual desire.
Sensuality, lewdness. Nothing is out of bounds.

Our genitals are the key part of sex but pleasurable
sensations involve many parts of the body.

Pleasurable sex heavily depends on the brain,
which releases hormones which enhance sexual
pleasure and interpret stimulation as pleasurable.

Increase your
Fucking Pleasure

1. Watch each other undress.

2. Breathe together, holding and hugging each other while you do it.

3. Eat seductively. Really pay attention to how you lick ice cream or chew meat off a bone.

4. See how long you can stay turned on without taking any of your clothes off.

5. Dry hump with your clothes or at least your underwear on.

6. Rub your hair all over his body.

7. For at least one minute, both of you stare into each other’s eyes.

8. Set up email accounts using aliases. Then send dirty emails and pictures to that account.

9. Play a game of striptease.

10. Collaborate on a piece of erotic writing or storytelling. You write/recite a paragraph, then your partner does the same. Go back and forth until you finish the story.

11. Buy a pair of nitrile gloves and give your partner a gloved hand job. (Trust me, it feels different.)

12. Wear a mask.

13. Wear a wig.

14. Try a new condom, heck, try the female condom.

15. Use a string of pearls (plastic beads will do just fine), and masturbate his penis.

16. Masturbate him with a banana peel. Try warming it in the microwave for five seconds for warmer, happier times.

17. Use lube. Lots of lube.

18. Use silicone lube and get it on in the shower.

19. Be blindfolded or do the blindfolding.

20. Find three things in the kitchen (like a spatula, wooden spoon, honey) that you can play with sensually.

21. Finger-paint each other’s breasts.

22. Rock around the clit. With your finger, go clockwise from 12 on back, and counterclockwise. See what time feels best.

23. Rent a porn DVD and reenact a scene.

24 Masturbate for each other. Cheer, hoot, and holler for your lover.

More Fucking

When you’re on top, he expects you to bounce.
You can only rock your hips back and forth against
your G-spot so much before he expects more motion.

But a rapid bouncy movement is enough to make your
heart explode. To help with this, place a pillow under
each knee. It’s as if you’re praying on your knees
instead of having dirty, awesome sex.

It will give you both more leverage and less physical
space to cover. Therefore, you’ll be less exhausted.

Tasty Tart

A tart is a woman who’s attractive She comes across
as being promiscuous, even if she isn’t.

A tart is a girl likely to get disapproving
looks from old people.

A tart is more of a tease and a flirt
than, say, a whore, skank, or slut.

All of those words imply putting out but a tart
may or may not have a lot of random sex.

Sexual Instinct

Male desire is a solitary affair. The
single-minded pursuit of sexual arousal
can exist independently of a relationship.

‘Getting off’ as such has precious little
to do with emotional intimacy.

A man can sit alone, half-mesmerized before
his computer screen, as he intently clicks on
images and videos in his hunt for what will
immediately ignite his libido.


Feels So
Fucking Good

There are some women who just like to lie there and be
the center of his affection and passion. More liberated
women (especially younger ones) want to fuck him too.

That may mean pushing your pelvis into his as he thrusts,
or wrapping your legs around his waist and pulling him
towards you when he reaches the maximum withdraw of his cock.

you make me want to come

Open Wide
for Daddy

Look here girl, Daddy is in charge not you.
Daddy will fuck you right. But maybe he
doesn’t want you to scream.

Maybe Daddy doesn’t want you to make a sound,
as Daddy’s cock spreads your princess parts
and slides into your little girl pussy.

Slamming into you over and over as Daddy’s big
hands cover your mouth so that your screams
just cum out muffled and your eyes will tell
the story of your pleasure.

open wide for daddy

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