Object of Desire

I Want to Fuck You

What Women Fucking Want

Do you know what women want in a fucking encounter?
Or are you completely unaware, resorting to your
catalogue of porn to pull out moves you assume
are successful. Read on, fuckboi.

Great Fucking Position

Take your time

Spend more time teasing me before and during sex.
Kiss and touch me all over, and make sure I’m
really turned on before we have sex.

Mix fast and rough passion with slower,
gentle touches. Guys have become too
impatient and selfish in their love-making.

Be verbal

Guys love it when girls moan, but they rarely
do it themselves. It’s so hot when guys
swear and grunt in pleasure during sex.
It shows he’s really into it, which turns me on.

Stand-up Fuck

Use your hands

Use your fingers and rub my clit while we’re having sex.
Like most women, I can’t orgasm from penetration alone,
so get your fingers busy.

Reach around and get me off with your
hand when you’re fucking me from behind.

Don’t be afraid to get kinky

I like freaky, rough sex, but all
but one of the guys I’ve ever slept
with have stuck to plain, vanilla sex.

I want a man to spank my ass, lick my inner thigh,
tie my hands together, and whisper something
dirty in my ear while we have sex.

Change positions

I wish my guy would surprise me with
some hot positions that are different from
what we normally do.

I’m so tired missionary and doggy style.
Put my legs on your shoulders,
or pick me up and take me to the
kitchen and fuck me on the counter.

Don’t Be in a Rush to Fuck

Pause for a moment.
You may want to fuck her
but does she want to fuck you?

Go down on her

I love it when a guy goes down on me,
especially if he knows what he’s doing.

Kiss a trail from my neck all
the way down, and eat me out.
If only men realized how hot that is.

When it comes to foreplay…

I like foreplay more than actually having sex,
but it’s always over too fast and too soon.
Tease me, talk dirty, and finger me
until I’m dripping wet.

Fucking Lust

I Want to Fuck You

from Jade Scott on Vimeo.

Fucking Action

Fucking Delightful

Fucking Delightful

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