Demanding Sex Sexual Excitement

I Want to Ravish You

Ravish: to have uncontrollable passionate sex.

Do women still want a caveman James Bond type?
Someone who’ll throw a woman over his shoulder
and ravish her till dawn. But we can’t have any
of that. Women don’t want orangutans anymore.

Get rid of the butch stereotype.
Keep it in the queer community.

Ravish Her

seize and carry off (someone) by force.

(of a man) rape (a woman).

fill (someone) with intense delight; enrapture.

to overwhelm a sexual partner with pleasure.
to bring him/her to orgasm.

We were making love the way we usually do,
in the missionary position, when I spontaneously
got up on my knees, flipped her over and pulled
her hips toward me so she was on all fours.

I love doing it doggie-style, but for some reason
we don’t do it very often and I never push it
because I’m afraid she might protest.

She did start to resist but she stopped the
moment I slapped her butt. I grabbed her hip
bones and pulled her toward me.

Then I really surprised myself when I said,
“On your knees.” I have no idea where the
authority in my voice came from, but she
seemed to totally dig it.

Not only did she stop protesting, she actually presented
me with that gorgeous ass of hers with her mouthwatering
vulva in full flower.

Ravish Me

Fucking Lust

Women Can Have
Multiple Orgasms

Women have the capacity to experience multiple
orgasms within a single session of sexual activity.

Unlike men, who require a recovery period after
having sex. Their bodies don’t respond to sexual
stimulation and ejaculation is impossible.

At ejaculation, a man’s body throws a massive,
systemic ‘shut off’ switch, which effectively
puts his sexuality in ‘park,’ leans back the seat
and turns lulling music on the radio.

The hypothesized reason for this phenomenon is that
it gives a man’s body an opportunity to begin
replenishing the sperm stores spent in ejaculation.

Since women don’t ejaculate, no recovery period
is needed. It’s likely the reason why multiple
and extended orgasms are easier for women than for men.

Fucking Real

The Filly’s
Ready to Mount


She Wants Aggressive Sex

What a woman wants is more aggressive sex. From being tied up
and spanked to having her hair pulled and being mildly asphyx-
iated. I’m not saying you should go home and smack your bitch
up. Maybe a bit of rough round the edges is in order.

The joy of sexual fantasy. Most aren’t realized. But as one woman
put it: “I’m tired of being that precious woman in the bedroom, of
making love and doing things gently all the time.”

“I want him to have raunchy sex with me and talk as if we’d just
met and he cares nothing about what I feel or need. I want him to
ravish me like an animal and tell me to shut my mouth when I try
to say something. I’m the slut. He’s a fucking bastard.”

Fucking Passion

Couple in Lust

Ready to Be Ravished

Devour her thoroughly and her back will rise
off the bed, she’ll bite her lip & her thighs
will begin to open. Devour her and the labia
will engorge and open for you.

lie back and think

How you turn her on to the point where she can
no longer even hold back her orgasm. Where she’s
so sexually charged her primal state.s unleashed.

Sexual Ambiguity

After you first enter her, slowly do it again.
Repeat it over and over. You need to lead her
down the path. Sexual pleasure is all about arousal.

Out for a Ride

Vanessa Veracruz – Good Friday from Jade Scott on Vimeo.

Ravish & Devour

If there is one thing that makes light-porn novels hot,
it’s the idea of being ravished.

It helps that all the heroes in the books are
square-jawed, broad shouldered and still have
all their hair.

Having a man sweep you off your feet and have his wicked
way with you, while you moan and writhe in ecstasy,
makes for compelling reading.

He’s in the role of ‘taker’. She wants to be ravished.

Ravishing from Matt Blum on Vimeo.

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