Sexual Tease

Is She a Prick Teaser?

Teasing a man by arousing expectations
which are repeatedly disappointed.

To make him feel excited or attracted by
a suggestive offer which is unlikely to happen.

Men and women have similar motives for teasing.
There’s the desire to excite the playmate.
“I wanted to see how much he/she wanted me.”

Women are more likely than men to say:
“I wanted to feel attractive. desirable.
I wanted to feel in control, powerful.

There are a number of words to describe girls who
are known to be a bit more promiscuous than most.

But what about girls who are in some ways the opposite.
They lead you on but turn you down. Do we call them teasers?

A tease is a girl who makes you think you have a chance,
inevitably leaving you unsatisfied and relatively bitter.

This can apply to a variety of girls, no matter their
number of sexual partners or promiscuity.

There’s always the chance a girl can be put
under this category in the name-calling game.

Sexual Suggestiveness

From an evolutionary point of view, sexual teasing
evolved as an aid in securing a sexual partner or mate.

provoking sexual arousal or a sexual response.

Women are more likely than men to say:
‘I wanted to feel attractive and desirable.
I wanted to feel in control, powerful.’

Is dressing sexily a provocation to men? When they then stare at
a woman’s assets and show interest, why do women get offended?
Some, in work environments, go to the extent of suing for sexual
harassment and insist choice of dress is irrelevant.

Quick Tease from KRX Studio on Vimeo.

If a woman says, “I am going to put on my sexy little number
and show some cleavage”, what she is really saying is “I’m
going to put on my sexy little number and show some cleavage.”

She might wear it for the sole purpose of turning male heads,
or she might be wearing it because she likes it, because
that’s the kind of style that looks good on her.

Teasing someone you fancy can be a good
way of getting to know each other.

Teasing is meant to be lighthearted and playful.
You’re not putting someone down. It’s breaking
the ice, finding ways to arouse him or her.

She’s a Stripteaser

Young Teasers

Girl with Bottle

Sex Glass Play from Sol Lang on Vimeo.

Japanese Girls Get Down

japanese girls

Lust for Girls

Country Girl

When a Man Teases a Woman

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The Smell of Sex

Playing with her nipples

When you start playing with her nipples,
lick them gently, rotating between the two.

When your mouth isn’t on one,
your finger should be on the other.

Some girls love to have their nipple pinched.
So, start gently of course, and increase
the pressure and watch her reaction.

quick tease

Quick Tease from KRX Studio on Vimeo.

The Smell of Sex

Porn Star Poses for
Intimate Shot

I Can Smell Your Nickers

Airborne molecules that elicit a reaction in a member of the same species are called pheromones. The most famous ones are potent aphrodisiacs, like androstenone and androstenol in the saliva of male boars.

If a fertile female gets a whiff of these molecules, she’ll present her rear to the male, a universal gesture in wild pig patois that means, “Let’s start a family.”

Researchers (as well as fragrance companies) have been hoping to find a human sex pheromone for decades, but so far the search has failed.

That doesn’t mean a human sex pheromone doesn’t exist. It just means we haven’t found one yet. In fact, some researchers suspect that if there is a turn-off pheromone there’s likely to be a turn-on pheromone.

In one study, gay men given anonymous samples of sweat preferred the scent of gay men, and heterosexual men fancied the scent of women.

One’s nose can also help identify a genetically compatible mate. Researchers asked women to rate the odors of T-shirts worn by different men.

Women preferred men whose DNA was different enough from their own that it would increase the likelihood of producing a child with a robust immune system.

Newborns preferentially scoot toward the scent of breasts. And adults can often tell by smell whether the person who produced perspiration was anxious or not.

The search for human pheromones has been hampered by two obstacles. The effects we see are not dramatic. Our responses to odors are connected to other sensory inputs like sight and sound, past experiences, learning, context—and not to mention laws.

Nobody has been able to find the exact chemicals that cue mating compatibility. This may be because researchers have traditionally analyzed aromatics from armpits. The fact is, any bodily fluid could potentially harbor pheromones. Who knows what signals are lurking in tears?

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