Is She Putting on a Sex Performance!

How many times have you asked yourself?
Is she faking it? Women can be phenomenal fakers.

They can translate a “dude, time to wrap it up”
signal into a convincing moan.

Oral Sex

What a Faker!

Just consider it one of their
better between-the-sheets skills.

But who benefits from a false finish?
And who are the biggest fakers of all?

It goes without saying that most women have
done it at least once. But it turns out
80 percent do it on a regular basis.

It seems most fake orgasms during vaginal
intercourse at least half the time.

Also, 25 percent of women are “oohing and ahhing”
90 percent of the time regardless of whether
they climax or not. Now you know, men.

the Girls

Performance from Nue Glam on Vimeo.

Sex Scene

Why doesn’t she
look at me when
we have sex?

Probably sick of the same old missionary
position staring contests you’ve been
having since you were in short trousers.

It could be your performance is too routine.
She’s bored with you now. Time to up your game.

It’s not enough to stick it in
for few seconds and then come.

You leave her high and dry. Or maybe she’s
having an affair. She wants sex with him but
has to put up with you going through the motions.

Having sex with you is like cheating for her.
It’s excruciating. That’s why she doesn’t want
to look at your ageing unpleasant face.

Back Street Sex

Faking an orgasm is like giving your dog a treat after he tears up the sofa. If you pretend to cum when a guy is flicking your clit like it’s a stray crumb, then he’s going to keep doing that until eternity—with you, but also with every poor girl who cums after. Essentially, faking it is detrimental to womankind.

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