Object of Desire

Young Women Sell Their Sexuality

The pressure put on women through ads, television, film
and new media to be sexually attractive and sexually
active is profound. Instagram is probably the worst offender.

Provocative images of women’s partly clothed or naked
bodies are especially prevalent in advertising.

They are sexualized in ads in order to grab the
viewer’s attention. Women become sexual objects
when their bodies and their sexuality are linked
to products that are bought and sold,

The biggest problem with women’s magazines is
how much we lie about sex. They continue to
perpetuate the idea that women’s sexuality
is subservient to men’s pleasure.

Both men and women’s magazines contain a single
vision of female sexuality. That women should
primarily concern themselves with attracting
and sexually satisfying men.”

Scrolling through endless photos of a woman’s barely
covered buttocks. Peppered throughout are a few shots
of cute toddlers, which is jarring in this context.

But one image stands out. The woman whose arse I’m
now well acquainted with is suddenly wearing clothes
to champion the cause of mental health for youths.
How twisted is that?

This is the world of being insta-famous. That is,
famous for having an arse, which is big business
and the mainstay of an entire career.

These girls are referred to as “Social media influencers.”
Countless big brands will sponsor influencer posts,
which essentially means encouraging those with substantial
Instagram followings to compel their followers to buy shit
(usually fashion or beauty related) that you post about online.

There are thousands — if not hundreds of thousands —
of accounts full of images exactly like this.

While I still find this trend shocking and bizarre,
it’s now the new normal when it comes to the ‘gram.
Welcome to the digital world created by the Kardashians.

Sex Bomb

Such a fucking sex bomb! The star of a show
whose finale was confirmed by the BBC a few
days earlier as the most watched drama episode
since records began, an actor who was already
TV famous after his star-making turn in Game Of Thrones.

well built sex bomb

A licensed sex worker has become the first prostitute
to hold her reputation and sex expertise to successfully
become an ambassador for numerous brands through social media.

Alice Little, who works for Moonlite Bunny Ranch in Nevada,
has established a lucrative business as a social media
influencer to supplement her occupation as a sex worker.

The escort was hired to promote sex toys,
lubricants, sex dolls, CBD cannabis products
through her social media channels.

Sex Sells Product

During the campaign for Calvin Klein Jeans, images
of pubescent models in provocative poses caused
a major controversy and debate when they crossed
the line between fashion and pornography.

In their campaign, “Sex Sells, unfortunately we sell jeans”,
Diesel photographed attractive men and women splayed
out sexually on leather couches and worn bed comforters.

I don’t know how many jeans the campaign actually sold,
it raised brand awareness for Diesel after going viral.

Viagra: See the world differently

A message to men suffering from erectile dysfunction.
“You can bring an element of spontaneity back into sex”.

It doesn’t make the woman out to be an object.
It presents a more subtle message, “Remember
when you two used to have sex all over the place?
You can do that again.”

Notorious ‘Rape’ Ad

Dolce & Gabbana have been notorious for not only
pushing the limits but surpassing them altogether
in advertising and sex, and have received plenty
of well-deserved heat from the public because of it.

There really can’t be any argument made against
this advertisement being inappropriate.

I’m not entirely sure if their intentions were
to depict a gang rape, but if you have one woman
pinned down to the ground with four men staring
at her like she’s a snack.

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