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Lesbian Delight: Keep an Eye on the Girls

Peeping Tom

The effect of Sandra’s assault on her friend’s pussy
appeared to be instantaneous for both of them.

Sandra began to loll backward as her eyes fluttered
closed, hands caressing breasts, rolling nipples.
Her partner jerked as if she’d been startled.

keep an eye on the girls

Sandra was used to these fabulous sensations but they were
brand new to her lover and it showed. She explains it as
an erotic fog that engulfs her and her lover.

Women love being made love to, penetrated – and they love
the pleasure that comes from the stimulation of the clitoris.
but to have both penetration and constant clitoral stimulation
on both the in- and the out-stroke is exceptionally rare.

Juicy Young Dykes

I can’t describe how erotic the picture in front of me was. Sandra’s perfectly toned back muscles straining as she held her torso up on her elbows, skimming her partner’s nipples with her own, dipping down for quick kisses, her tight little buttocks flexing and relaxing as she drove in and out.

For her part, Sandra’s lover’s moans and cries were becoming louder and louder, her gasping breaths more ragged. With ever increasing power her pelvis sprang up to meet each of Sandra’s lunges. It was obvious that she was riding the wave as well. Her thrusts which had started out as smooth, coordinated plunges became more convulsive.

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